For those who are into computer technical issues, c++ is something that they come across on a daily basis in the course of their work. In simple terms, c++ can be said to be a language only that it is used in technical computer functions; C++ is used in computer programming. It is very easy to find a c++ research paper because it is a very popular programming language. The c++ language was developed over time from the c language by Straustrap. Any c++ research paper will definitely at one point talk about the founder of c++ programming language. When explaining the c++ language, it is expected that the pillar elements of this language will be brought to light. One of the significant aspects that a c++ research paper will bring to light includes its developmental history over time. C++, also called hybrid language, as its beginnings as early as in 1979 when its architect started closely examining and analysing the C language. A c++ research paper will also give an overview of the main rules that the architect had set down as the foundation of the c++ language. At all times it should be noted that the c++ language is anchored on the c language. Two things that are noted with c++ language are the general application and portability which closely resemble those of the c language. Another aspect of the c++ language that comes out clearly is its ability to support a wide range of programs effectively. It is also noted that C++ provides a very smooth transition from the c language. C++ does not require a very sophisticated programming surrounding to be effective and thus making it very popular for application.

C++ essay example

This is a programming language in which data is statistically typed in a free form for compilation as a multi-paradigm. It is an intermediary language with features common to both the high and low level programming language features (Josuttis, 1999). It finds ready application in servers, operating systems and apliction software. It can therefore ne said that C++ is the heartbeat of IT development and application as it gives IT systems to operate and give desirable outcomes to the users. It integrates the possible operations that the IT system has within its capacity to execute.

As an intermediary programming language, C++ makes use of syntax common to the C language yet with some improvements that enable it to stream messages in its output commands. In the C++ language, there are numerous provisions for working and interpreting arithmetic, manipulate bits, give indirections to input data/commands, offer data comparisons and carry out logical operations that give sensible output to the user (Josuttis, 1999). With such understanding, C++ comes out as an inter-phase between the user and the data processing. It stands as the commanding language to achieving meaningful IT applications in different systems.

The ability of an IT system to perform certain functions of its operations relies on the abilities inherent in the operating system that utilizes the C++ language. Such abilities as static and dynamic polymorphism have allowed IT systems to operate with function overloading. Programs in the IT systems have showed remarkable ability to declare many functions of similar name yet having varying argument by using the input parameters.

Improvements in IT development can therefore only be possible if developers take seriously, the inherent features in the programming language used in developing the operating systems and the application software. C++ offers the greatest opportunity to give IT systems a scalable performance capacity for posterity and improved performance.