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Leo’s Long Way To Getting The Oscar [INFOGRAPHIC]

No one can deny the fact that Leo is a phenomenal actor. He’s been proving it with every next role he brilliantly plays. His devotion and mastery of the art of cinematography leave us breathless. Despite his talent, there were a lot of times the awards he truly deserved went to somebody else.

2016 will be remembered as the year when Leo won his first Oscar! Finally! His performance in The Revenant was breathtaking and the army of DiCaprio’s fans can now relax and enjoy this wonderful moment of his career. Meanwhile, you can take a look at this infographic on some of Leo’s previous misfortunes of getting the desired awards.

The Academy Awards

Movie: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
Year: 1994
Nomination: Best Supporting Actor
Why Leo should have won:
Unbelievably realistic performance playing a mentally disabled boy
Leo was only eighteen years old back then
Who won instead: Tommy Lee Jones

Movie: The Aviator
Year: 2005
Nomination: Best Actor
Why Leo should have won:
Believable demonstration of Howard Hughes’ power and weaknesses
Making the audience understand and feel for the character who has a mental disorder and behaves in a very strange way
Who won instead: Jamie Foxx

Movie: Blood Diamond
Year: 2007
Nomination: Best Actor
Why Leo should have won:
Cut his leg and spilled his own blood on the set
Stressful character development played brilliantly
Who won instead: Forest Whitaker

Movie: Wolf of Wall Street
Year: 2014
Nomination: Best Actor; Best Picture (as producer)
Why Leo should have won:
Leo had no additional training to get those marvelous dance moves, he’s natural
He used the citations of Caligula to explain what kind of an atmosphere he was looking for
We hear the word “fuck” and its conjugations 569 times. Might be a little message for the Academy Awards jury
Who won instead: Matthew McConaughey; 12 Years A Slave

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How to Write a Hero Essay

E02HandcockB - For Wire story on Hancock - Will Smith stars in Columbia Pictures' action comedy HANCOCK. Photo credit Frank Masi/Columbia Pictures. Maximum width 45 picas at 200 dpi. 6/30/08

E02HandcockB – For Wire story on Hancock – Will Smith stars in Columbia Pictures’ action comedy HANCOCK. Photo credit Frank Masi/Columbia Pictures. Maximum width 45 picas at 200 dpi. 6/30/08

With the rise of comic books popularity nowadays we tend to alter the perception of the word ‘hero’. Major Hollywood companies make us believe that Superman, Batman, and Spiderman are the perfect examples of real heroes. In reality, we meet heroes every day. It can be a single parent working on several jobs to raise his/her child, a friend making a sacrifice to save your relationships or your grandma who survived the terrible times of war and hunger and brought up your parents to be good people. They are all heroes in some way and a lot of people need to look up to them. If you were assigned to write a ‘my hero essay’, make sure to choose someone you really admire and want the world to know about. And this post will shed some light on how to write a really good one. Read more >

I Learn Therefore I Am or What Would Famous Philosophers Say If A Brick Fell On Them.

What is the sense of our existence? If you’ve ever asked yourself a question like that, you might know that every great philosopher had his own answer. They wrote massive works trying to explain they vision and understanding of our reality and how a simple human being should interact with the surrounding environment. And it’s pretty difficult to tell the difference between those numerous schools of thought. Especially while those incomprehensible lectures. To get to the bottom of it, let’s imagine their reaction on the same phenomenon. What would each of them say if a brick fell on their feet? Read more >