I Learn Therefore I Am or What Would Famous Philosophers Say If A Brick Fell On Them.

What is the sense of our existence? If you’ve ever asked yourself a question like that, you might know that every great philosopher had his own answer. They wrote massive works trying to explain they vision and understanding of our reality and how a simple human being should interact with the surrounding environment. And it’s pretty difficult to tell the difference between those numerous schools of thought. Especially while those incomprehensible lectures. To get to the bottom of it, let’s imagine their reaction on the same phenomenon. What would each of them say if a brick fell on their feet? Read more >

What Is The Best Essay Helper? Look for Proficient Writers Online

There are times during your study at a college or university when your brain is exhausted. You can’t process any new information, don’t want to learn anything new and can’t imagine yourself writing yet another boring essay. It happens because of intense schedule and countless homework assignments. There’s no time left for you to rest and recover. If you find yourself feeling that way one day, there’s no need in failing your papers and feeling sorry for yourself. You can find experienced proficient writers online who will gladly help you with writing that meaningless paper your instructor needs to get from you. This is the best essay helper to get for wiring the perfect paper. Read more >

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Self-Education

The best way to improve the level of your life is to invest in self-education. We live in a society where certificates and qualifications are becoming a standard part of all professions. In order to keep your job you will be offered to participate in continuous educational work.

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Architecture in Modern World

Architecture is the procedure and the product of planning, constructing, and designing buildings and other physical structures. There are many famous architectural buildings in the world. We can hear about them very often. Architecture is basically abstract and nonrepresentational and requires the adjustment of the associations of spaces, planes, masses, volumes, and voids. Read more >

East of Eden

Cathy is one of the main characters of john Steinbeck’s drama East of Eden. As the protagonist’s, Adam Trask’s wife she gives birth to their sons Aron and Caleb. Being a physically attractive woman, Cathy is however a terribly evil person which destroys people for her profit and entertainment. The author himself calls her a monster that possesses a “malformed soul”. Read more >

The effect of Homosexual behaviours on the fitness of an Animal

Homosexual behavior has been seen as violating the critical law of nature, of procreation and Gods purpose of creation. Biblically, it is condemned, as well as in the many contemporary societies. The idea that animal’s main purpose is to reproduce is a fix on pre -scientist worldviews. From the time in memorial, this idea has been embraced. Darwinian Theory postulates that individual main aim is to maximize reproduction; that is; organism strives in, maximizing the number of viable siblings by passing their own genes to the offspring’s to the future generations. Therefore, sexual selection which is seen as differential reproduction, which occurs simply because male varies in their capability to obtain female reproduction partners, is a key theoretical experiment for interpreting sexual activities. Darwin further established two fundamental mechanisms that affect mate acquisition and mate competition that happen intra-sexually between males to females, and may involve threats and physical fights over and above courtship by the ritual display that is intended to attract discriminating females. An additional acquisition of mate mechanism is sexual coercion. This is appropriate for male if they are unable to attract, or compete for female reproductive mates (Greenspan, 2000). Read more >

Capital Punishment Topic

Capital punishment is a legal procedure through which a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. It is used to punish a variety of offenses. The issue of capital punishment has been one of the most discussed problems in latest years. Capital punishment is an exciting subject. There are many thoughts and viewpoints about it. Some people are strongly supporting it and some other people strongly against it. Read more >

Statistics for Psychology

In psychology, it is important to test data in order to arrive at the best options for analyzing data. Psychologists use five main types of hypothesis testing which include; Histograms, Box plots, Dot plots, Bar charts and Scatter plots. The use of a histogram involves the measuring of the data given by looking at the shape of the line it takes in a histogram graph. The shape can take either the left or the right side. A histogram is important as it assists in the description of the data in general terms. Box plots are useful as they enable one to simply look at the data presented and identify the characteristics that would assist in analyzing the available data. The use of box plots assist in identifying mistakes made in the process of analyzing data. Read more >