Architecture in Modern World

Architecture is the procedure and the product of planning, constructing, and designing buildings and other physical structures. There are many famous architectural buildings in the world. We can hear about them very often. Architecture is basically abstract and nonrepresentational and requires the adjustment of the associations of spaces, planes, masses, volumes, and voids.

Very important factor in architecture is time, because there are some limits of time for creating each building. The use of shadow and light could significantly improve a structure.
There are many different styles in architecture. An architectural style is characterized by the features that make it significant. A style can consist of such elements as form, technique of construction, building elements, and territorial character. Most architecture can be categorized as a chronology of styles which transforms over time. There are such examples of styles as Ancient Roman architecture, Islamic architecture, Gothic architecture, Renaissance, Baroque architecture, Neoclassical architecture, Resort architecture, Early modern architecture and Postmodern architecture. Each architectural style has many various criteria and aspects. Very often one style of architecture adopted many aspects from another style. In this case we have a new style.

In modern world architecture plays a great role. Every country has own architectural monuments which are popular in the whole world. These monuments help to attract attention of tourists to the country.

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