How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topics for College

The first thing you need to do before writing an argumentative essay is to decide what topic to choose. An interesting and debatable topic will increase your chances of writing a substantial well-argued paper and getting a good grade. It seems to be a lot of argumentative essay topics for college, but you should choose the one you’re interested in. You won’t be able to craft an outstanding paper if you don’t care about what you’re writing at all.

When choosing a topic for your argumentative essay, you should also take your audience into consideration. Will the topic you discuss seem as interesting to your readers as it is to you? Also, make sure you have all the necessary information to be as persuasive as possible. You need to conduct a thorough research to find out about every detail on the topic and possible counterarguments of the opposite viewpoint. To be more convincing, you have to address and refute them in your paper. Provide your readers with enough evidence and relevant supporting arguments.

To make the task of choosing the right topic easier for you, we’ve tried to think of some possible options. If you don’t find any interesting topic you could use for your argumentative essay, they can be helpful in terms of finding an inspiration and overcoming a writer’s block.

Persuasive Essay Topics

To be persuasive means to leave no chance for your opponents to win the debate. There are various subjects you can consider using in the paper. Here are 5 of the most popular ones and some nontrivial topics for you to use.

10 Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

    1. Are standardized tests reliable enough for measuring the students’ intellectual abilities?
    2. Should something be changed in the educational system because of the increasing number of illegal immigrants?
    3. Are there any positive sides of cyberbullying?
    4. Do we still need SAT scores?
    5. Does college education still play a major role for one’s future career?
    6. Is there a future for homeschooling?
    7. Should college scholarship criteria be reconsidered?
    8. Do schools limit children creativity?
    9. Should the time for sports be increased at schools?
    10. Can money be a good motivation for getting good grades?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

There’s nothing wrong about choosing a rather controversial topic for your argumentative essay. The most import thing to keep in mind when doing so is to be able to prove your point of view and support it with up-to-date and reliable information.

    1. Should adoption be allowed for the same-sex couples?
    2. Can couples with significant age difference be happy?
    3. Should cloning be legalized?
    4. Is there a need in harsh penalties for unethical advertisers?
    5. Is there a place for a death penalty in the 21st century?
    6. Does being an atheist mean being less moral?
    7. Should the freedom of speech be a justifiable reason for spreading hatred?
    8. Is there a place for a compromise left in a modern society?
    9. Is it OK for couples to live together before marriage?
    10. Are there any downsides of marrying someone with the same religion?

Social Argumentative Essay Topics

Many students can relate to the topics on social aspects and often choose this subject for their essays. Choose the one you are interested in and don’t be afraid to present your point of view.

    1. Should parents monitor the internet use of their children?
    2. Is parenting classes really helpful?
    3. Should single people be allowed to adopt children?
    4. Should sex classes be help at schools?
    5. Has internet dating turned into a joke?
    6. Is too much motivation of your children is better than no motivation at all?
    7. Is there a positive impact of the modern culture on childhood?
    8. Is it a good idea for parents to motivate their children with money?
    9. Is giving birth at home safer than at a hospital?
    10. Should the role of father become more significant in today’s society?

Cultural Argumentative Essay Topics

The level of our culture is already a controversial issue. Try to fond something edgy to discuss and include bright examples to prove your ideas.

    1. Is TV becoming obsolete?
    2. Does musical training help you to become more successful in the future?
    3. Is there a bright sight in playing violent computer games?
    4. Is there a place for art left in our busy everyday lives?
    5. Should we pay so much of our attention on celebrities and their actions?
    6. Should there be more information on side effects in the commercials?
    7. Can modern art be considered as an art at all?
    8. Is there a compromise to decrease the level of violence we see on TV?
    9. Do modern TV shows have a bad influence on people’s intellectual development?
    10. Should advertisements for alcohol and cigarettes be allowed again?

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

There’s nothing more interesting than writing about people who are responsible for our life and death. Here are some topic examples for your consideration.

    1. Is there an effective alternative to animal testing?
    2. Can the cost for treatment be decreased?
    3. Should abortion be legalized?
    4. Should plastic surgery be used by ordinary people to become prettier or only by those with birth defects and injuries?
    5. Is there still a place for natural treatment instead of modern medicine methods?
    6. Is the situation for female doctors getting better nowadays?
    7. Can the doctors you find on the web really help you?
    8. Is it a good idea to read medical forums before consulting with your doctor?
    9. Do the doctors in the US use international experience enough to improve their practice?
    10. Is there a way to make pharmaceutical companies reduce the prices on drugs?

Rogerian Argument Topics

Choosing a topic for a Rogerian argument can be pretty tricky. You have to discuss both sides so make sure to have enough evidence to support both points of view.

    1. Does intruding our privacy helps to increase the level of national security?
    2. Are there any moral obligations the world’s political leaders have nowadays?
    3. Is there something we can do to prevent mass shootings?
    4. Is using military force justified nowadays?
    5. If people no more trust their governments, shouldn’t we think of a new form of society organization?
    6. Is picking a side always necessary in resolving international conflicts?
    7. Should the salaries of the political leaders be changed?
    8. Is there a way to decrease the level of corruption in politics?
    9. Should every country ban the using of nuclear weapons?
    10. Should the USA cooperate with Russia to solve the conflicts in Europe?

Choosing Essay Topic

When choosing a topic for your essay, you need to make sure it’s relevant to the material discussed in class. It’s great that you’re fond of Batman and would like to write a breath-taking literary piece dedicated to discovering the depths of his soul. But your instructor probably won’t share your enthusiasm. Find a healthy balance between the things you like and the subject of your essay.

One more point for you to keep in mind is choosing a topic that is debatable. It’s always easy to write about something everyday agrees with and is a general truth. However, try to find something exciting to discuss, something your audience can relate to. It’s always a good idea to write about contemporary problems and present your vision of the today’s reality. Or, you can also introduce a fresh perspective on a well-known event, piece of art, etc. Don’t limit yourself with boring and trivial topics. Search for something new and important to write about.

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  1. I had no idea what to write about and needed some inspiration. This is a nice collection of topics to get you brain work, thanks, guys.

  2. I guess, you just need to present logical arguments and support them with solid evidence to get a good grade. The topic should be interesting for you, so don’t write about something you find unimportant just hoping to get an A for it.

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