Essay Sample on New Regulations and the Impact on UK’s Tourism

National security is of the utmost importance to every nation throughout the world. Keeping citizens safe is generally the first responsibility of the government, and while some do it more efficiently than others, almost all strive to ensure all who live within its borders are able to do so comfortably and safely. To know more about individuals entering the country, the UK recently altered its immigration laws, requiring citizens of different nations to obtain a visa before granting admission. Although this is in the best interest of the citizens, it also is destined to have a serious affect on the tourism and hospitality industry inside the United Kingdom, possibly costing the country hundreds of millions of pounds, each and every year. Read more >

History Research Paper on Military Downsizing Effect of Troop Reduction on Readiness


Many nation states reconsider cutting back the level of military that it has in regards to the budget it has allocated to its military. Cutbacks mean that the government rations on its military capability, and this helps to reduce money consumption in the government. Such cutbacks may not have an effect on the level of ability to join the task force, but it is mostly done in a way that does not violate the conditions of the military. The procedure of recruiting takes place in a very organized way, and this is because that is a sensitive department that demands adequate attention especially in knowing who to let go, and who to maintain in the troop (Brien, 2011).
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Accouting Research Paper on Sustainability at General Motors

General Motors is a world leader in the automotive industry. It has had numerous successes over time,ranging from bouncing back from a recession that threatened to wipe it down to venturing into uncharted territory, therefore setting the precedence for other automakers by being industry pioneers. Its recent public offering in 2010 alludes to the unprecedented growth that General Motors has gone through, and it provided the much needed funds for expansion and increased auto production.
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