Diversity Strategic Plan

The employees should show respect, appreciation, and value for differences, to capitalize on the diversity within the workplace to facilitate and accomplish the organization’s mission via the elements of innovation and teamwork.

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Implementation Plan

Goal 1: Accomplishing the organization’s mission via a salient and operational workforce
Strategy 1: the employees are involved in developing the organization climate and environment in which they are comfortable, and is conducive to get the most productivity and performance as prescribed by the organization’s goals and uphold the professional and social values.
Objective 1: The development and upholding of a work place environment where the employees observe differences among different entities, but in the context of cogent forces that shall utilize diversity and mutual respect between members as catalysts towards creativity, innovativeness and team effectiveness.
Strategy 2: Acquisition of an operational and effective work team
Objective 1: Recruiting the most qualified workforce, management, and maintenance of balance through the organizations levels in the hiring process as well as in promotion of employees within the organization.
Objective 2: development of a managerial commitment as well as a resource commitment that will engage the employees through training for diversity, development practices, and the tools they would require to attain the highest levels in professional distinction and individual growth in the accomplishment of the organization’s mission.
Objective 3: The creation of a working climate where the employees are accredited with opportunities to contribute to the maintenance of a productive balance existing between the individual and professional responsibilities.

The organization incorporates an ‘Equity Continuum’ in the diversity plan development model. The model is elemental in upholding the sagacious goals, objectives, and strategies of the organization encompassed in the implementation plan. Execution of the organization mission and vision must encompass a model that identifies, traces, and recognizes the developments in diversity strategic planning within the levels of employment in the organization. The ‘Equity Continuum’ is set on a timeline in which the developments are observed and marked with progress. A comprehensive model for this organization would encompass a five-year plan.

The approach is effective in the identification, evaluation, and planning of the quantifiable steps to take towards the accomplishment of the diversity strategy plan. The models in the plan differentiate the objectives, and goals of the organization through several steps such as through the recruitment and management of the employees within the organization. Such a pursuit is important to the diversity plan since it facilitates the retention of the most productive employees. In this approach, the three primary diversity strategies to be observed in the plan include:

  • Helping the employees develop and grow to their maximum achievable potential and productivity
  • Develop a workplace that observes and assesses the environment and/or culture of the organization teams
  • Ensure that the organization works towards being a preferential employer for employees
  • The organization’s management develops a framework by which the diversity strategy compliance shall be attained towards the highest level of merit. The plan of how the plan shall be accomplished will engage the actions to be taken towards achievement of the continuous process as well as changing circumstances and evolution as a reflection to the setting.

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