How to Write a Hero Essay

E02HandcockB - For Wire story on Hancock - Will Smith stars in Columbia Pictures' action comedy HANCOCK. Photo credit Frank Masi/Columbia Pictures. Maximum width 45 picas at 200 dpi. 6/30/08

E02HandcockB – For Wire story on Hancock – Will Smith stars in Columbia Pictures’ action comedy HANCOCK. Photo credit Frank Masi/Columbia Pictures. Maximum width 45 picas at 200 dpi. 6/30/08

With the rise of comic books popularity nowadays we tend to alter the perception of the word ‘hero’. Major Hollywood companies make us believe that Superman, Batman, and Spiderman are the perfect examples of real heroes. In reality, we meet heroes every day. It can be a single parent working on several jobs to raise his/her child, a friend making a sacrifice to save your relationships or your grandma who survived the terrible times of war and hunger and brought up your parents to be good people. They are all heroes in some way and a lot of people need to look up to them. If you were assigned to write a ‘my hero essay’, make sure to choose someone you really admire and want the world to know about. And this post will shed some light on how to write a really good one.

What Is a Hero Essay?

One might say that it’s a hero definition essay meaning that you have to explain who is this person you admire and why. You need to define those traits of this person’s character and his/her special feature which have such a great influence on you. Describe his/her personality and point out some special points which can be interesting for your readers to find out about. The tricky part of writing a hero essay is choosing the right person to describe. Make sure you have enough material to write a well-composed essay. This is often the major reason for many students to choose an epic hero to write about. A long narrative epic poem will give you enough information to analyze.

One more thing to remember when writing a hero essay is being objective. It’s sometimes difficult to do that because you have a strong sympathy to the person you write about. But saying how awesome and cool someone is just because you think so will not interest any of your readers. Your task is to paint a picture with your words in a reader’s imagination. That is where using of the appropriate adjectives will come in hand. Try to tell the story that can fascinate your audience and make them want to know more about the person you write about. Every detail plays a significant role here – the person’s appearance, features of character, etc.

Organizing the Process of Writing

As any other essay, this one needs an intriguing introduction, informative body paragraphs, and inspiring conclusion. To make sure you include everything you intend to, prepare a detailed essay outline. It will help you manage the process properly and structure your thoughts in a logical manner. Before you start writing, make sure to have a clear picture in your head of the structure of your essay. What points are more important and how you’d like to emphasize them.

The beginning of your hero essay should include a good hook – an anecdote, question or startling statement – to grab your readers’ attention. You can consider writing about someone no one expects you to and surprise your audience with your choice. This can also serve as a hook. Don’t forget to include a short background information into your introduction. Assume that the readers are not familiar with the person you’ve chosen (even if it’s a celebrity or a famous literary character). Think carefully about your thesis statement to make sure it includes the necessary information on what you’re going to write.

Each of the body paragraphs should be focused on only one idea. Writing about several things in one paragraph will make your text confusing and difficult for your readers to understand. Using topic sentences will help you in solving this problem. Make sure to support every claim with relevant evidence. It might be a story or quote from the book (if you’re writing about a fictitious character). Use transitional phrases to make your essay easier to read. This technique will make sure your readers follow your train of thoughts.

As to the conclusion, there’s nothing new about it. As always, it has to give a summary of everything you’ve mentioned above. All of the details you’ve described must have a great influence on your thesis statement so you can look at it from a new perspective.

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  1. The problem with writing a hero essay is that it’s difficult to explain why exactly you admire this particular person. Most of the times you just feel it but can’t describe it…

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