Cell Biology

Several essays on biology revolve around the living aspects of human beings and plants, and the processes that sustain this life. Notably, cell biology essay is intended to discuss the unit of life, owing to the fact that cells are microscopic in nature. It is notable that, the smallest living unit of the body called the cells unites in great number to make the whole body of a human being. Therefore, the cells have to be taken as an integral part of the body that make the life of a human or plant. It is also important to consider that; cell biology essay has made contribution to the development of extensive knowledge, which has accelerated the understanding of the human body.

In other cases, biologists have considered the cells as vital in the body and needs the maximum protection from within and outside. Therefore, the documented cell biology essay shed more light on the ways to protect the cells. The essays also help people to understand the various ways of eradicating the dead cells from the body. Removing the dead cells from the body frees an individual from constant fatigue that is experienced in the body. It is common to note that living and non-living things cannot co-exist together in harmony. The effect of one component has to be felt on the other, thus the essence of body discomfort that people experience.

Finally, reading cell biology essay can be considered as an important aspect of learning because; it rejuvenates and individual and increases ones curiosity on biology as a subject taught in institutions. Biology students are encouraged to concentrate in understanding the cells, and their contributions to the wellness of the body.

Cell Biology essay example

Cell biology is defined as the study of cells of organisms. This scientific discipline allows cell physiological properties, structure, organelles, interaction, life cycle, division and death of a cell be studied closely and accurately. Both the cells of single celled organisms and multi-cellular organisms are studied with the help of the microscope. It is important to have the knowledge of how a cell works, and its components (Cristianini & Hahn, 2006).

This scientific discipline aids in the knowledge of a number of processes. For instance, the study asserts that within a cell, each type of protein is placed in a particular part. The study of molecular mechanisms where proteins are sent to different locations within the cell and how they are secreted is very important in cell biology. There are also other processes within a cell. These are; movement of molecules into the cells and outside the cell, and these movements are described as passive and active transport, process of cells consuming their own internal components. In biological sciences, this process is called autophagy. Cells undergo reproduction too; this is a process where sperm from testiculi in male cells and egg from the ovary combine together to form a new cell embryo. Another process is the cell movement with the help of flagella, cilia, chemo taxis, and contraction. Behavior of a cell can be controlled too using signals passed from outside environment. This process is called cell signaling. Cell undergoes a process called death (Cristianini & Hahn, 2006).

A cell has internal structures. They include; chloroplast, cilia, cytoplasm, cytoskeleton, flagella, Golgi apparatus, endoplasmic reticulum, lipid layer, mitochondrion, nucleus, lipid membrane, protein barrier, organelle, ribosome and vesicle. According to research, cells study is through observation under the microscope (Cristianini & Hahn, 2006).