Comparative Criminal Justice System

Systems of criminal justice vary from one country to the other. This difference can be attributed to the country’s constitution that sets out how the system of criminal justice should execute its functions and avert any possibility of abortive justice. An essay on Comparative Criminal Justice System should examine the system of criminal justice in different parts of the world. This helps in explaining whether or not offenders and the victims acquire justice soon after presenting their cases before the court or any other agent of the system of criminal justice. Such criminal law essay should not be biased. People think that justice should be done to the victim only. The essay on Comparative Criminal Justice System should show that the process that was used to investigate any criminal incidence did not violate any law, but was fair and based on facts that were supported by evidence. A criminal law essay should show that the writer understands the country’s system of criminal justice where the hierarchy of courts must be properly explained. The categorization of cases should also be explained. Circumstances under which a suspect may be acquitted from any criminal accusation must also be explained. Before a court ruling is discussed in any essay on comparative criminal justice system, all facts must be explained. These facts must point out any weaknesses of the evidence given. Procedural cases must also be cited. It is wrong to prepare any criminal law essay without quoting relevant laws. In this case, the judges or the jury may follow a previous ruling that was done in a similar case, if there were no alterations or major differences.

Comparative Criminal Justice System Essay Example

According to Deflem and Swygart (2001), systems of criminal justice vary across the world. This essay on Comparative Criminal Justice System explains why the systems of criminal justice differ, and what brings about the transformation within the institutions of these systems. The variations in systems of criminal justice are due to important transformations that occur, over time, to allow the country to deal with emerging challenges that relate to crime and criminal activities. Social change patterns are not only affected by the systems of criminal justice across the globe, but also affect them as well. The social changes have been triggered by a number of things that include civilization as well as modernization, economic modernization impacts, and the democratization move that has taken place around the globe. The civilization process is indicated by the transformations that occur within institutions of criminal justice. Every society requires a high level of tolerance and this has also been one of the main causes of the transformations that have been witnessed in many countries’ systems of criminal justice. The system of criminal justice is also transformed to prevent large numbers of people are incarcerated; because high incarceration rates pose a threat to any country’s economic and legal system. The reduction of incarceration rates can be done if the people are subjected to a system of criminal justice that is fair enough to convict the guilty, and exonerate the innocent. As explained in this essay on Comparative Criminal Justice System, by an expeditious process of hearing cases. This criminal law essay has however indicated thorough investigations must accompany such expeditious court hearings (Deflem & Swygart, 2001).