Computer Networking

An essay on computer networking should basically explore networking which is among the most important stages of the evolution of electronics since the computer was invented. A computer network can be defined as a group of computers that have been connected to one another to enable users to share information and peripherals. An essay on computer networking can cover any of the numerous subtopics on computer networking. One of the subtopics that an essay on computer networking may explore is about the most basic computer networking. Such an essay entails describing two computers that are connected to each other, mostly via a cable, to enable a more efficient sharing of information between their users. Apart from enabling easier communication, computer networking also has numerous other advantages including saving users their monies. Without a computer network, users wishing to transfer information would have to spend a lot of cash on computerization, sometimes twice as much as they would if they implemented a computer network. When writing an essay on computer networking, one is likely to state that computer networking enables many computer network users to share common peripheral devices such as fascine machines and printers. An essay on computer networking may also explore the two main types of networks namely the server based and the peer-to-peer network. The server-based network, which is the most commonly used of the two, requires a specific server computer that responds to requests for services from the different users within the network while in the peer-to-peer network, any of the computers can assume the role of the server computer and share data with the other computers within the network.

Computer Networking essay example

Interconnecting a host of computers and related devices by channels of communication to allow for information and resource sharing within the network is what constitutes computer networking (Odom, 2004). The science of computer networking is learned as an engineering discipline in computer science through a process of relating the theory learned and the practical aspects of the science. A lot has been done in making computer networking to work for organizations. However, it is still common to witness companies experiencing long down times because of network breakdown. As companies continually rely on computer networks for information transfer and sharing, poor computer networking is the cause of the great losses incurred in these companies.

It goes without mention that with the globalization of information technology, information sharing has formed an important agenda for many companies. This makes computer networking a critical exercise. According to Odom (2004), it entails decisions on the networking system to adopt. The options available are usually the wired technology in which the computers and the devices are interconnected using network cables such as the Ethernet cables. The other option is to use the wireless technology in which wireless LANs are commonly used to interconnect devices. The organization needs to select the communication protocols to be used so that it matches the needs of the company. It is common sense that while picking on whether to use Ethernet or internet protocols, the company needs to prepare for possible growth that would lay pressure on the computer network so as to avoid breakdowns.

The choices made while networking computers are critical to the ability of the network to be scaled up for more application in future expansions. Therefore, networking must factor in long term usage of the network before these choices are made.