Concept of Family Paper

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Concept of Family Paper essay example

According to Hevi (2002), the concept of a family can be seen as the structure of an ideal family. The family is an autonomous system in the society. The definition of a family as well as the roles of the family members has been changing due to globalization and industrialization. Despite the fact that the family has been respected even in the changing society, the cohesion and intimacy that held couples together is slowly fading away. This has led to increased rate of divorce.

The traditional family concept is seen as that which consists of a father, a mother and children. Many families are patriarchal in nature and as a result, the father is always regarded as the family head. In this nuclear family, people continue to marry and this makes it to grow to extended families, to clans and to societies. Therefore, the family is dynamic and continuous. The family gives an individual identity as everyone has a family which he she identifies with. In a family, the ties are cohesive and the bond is usually too strong. It is a learning institution as children are taught social ethics and values at a tender age. These values help a person to grow with good morals. There are norms that are expected to be followed, just like as the state laws however these laws differ from the constitutional laws in that breaking them does not land one into jail. The family is seen as a power system. It sets roles as well as responsibilities for each family member depending on sex as well as the social perceptions.

The family is based on cultural values as well as religious values. It is characterized by a wide rage relations as well as age differences amongst the members. Family love is the glue that has held families together. When one is married, she/he becomes a member of that family therefore not all family members are blood related (Hevi, 2002, pp.151).