Corrections are part of the responsibilities which the law is involved with. The law is not only made to punish but also to give correction to individuals who were involved in wrong doing. Law makers are perfectly aware that not all offenses which are committed by people can lead to imprisonment as the only way of punishment, but also recognize that some offenses deserve correction. In institutions of higher learning students who are doing law come across essays on corrections. These are essays which are written to give information on some of the offenses which deserves correction. An essay on corrections will provide details on the ways in which one will be able to assess whether an offense deserves corrections, or if it needs punishment. The main purpose of an essay on corrections is to help students be able to distinguish various actions which need to be taken in response to various offenses which individuals commit. Students find writing an essay on corrections difficult. They do not have knowledge of the various points which need to be taken into consideration. For one to be able to write an essay on corrections reading the material in a criminal law essay will be helpful, since such essays contain information on how to write a corrections essay. A criminal law essay also assists students to have a clear view of what is required in writing an essay on corrections. Given that other students have problems with the format such essays should take, through writing services you can learn the format requirements. Also those who have challenges writing a criminal law essay can get assistance as well.

Corrections essay example

The corrections an important and integral part of the criminal justice process. The criminals or the offenders of the law are hand over to the correctional authorities when it is proved that these people have committed the crime and are responsible for certain loss or harm. The correctional centres are the places where the offenders are kept to give punishment of their crimes after proved guilty. Throughout the history of criminal justice there are different types of punishment given to the offenders in different cases and in different countries of the world. In the early ages, there were not many resources available to the authorities that they can arrange for any other punishment to the offender so they simply order their exile or banishment. The shame punishments and dismemberment were also used to punish the offenders.

Prison is the most common, most visible and most practiced form of punishment in the present times that is given to the people when they are proved guilty and accused of certain criminal and law breaking activity. After trail the offenders are set in the prisons that also act as the detention centres for such people. Jails are used for the containment of the accused. The social servants and scholars also use to argue that the prisons must be used as the centre where the criminals could be allowed to get reforms. Along with prison there could be some other types of punishment as well that can be given to the accused of crime. (Wolfgang and Marvin, 1990)

There are certain commonly agreed upon purposes of giving punishment to the accused of the criminal activities. The punishment is given to the offenders so that they can be taken away from the general population and cannot get the chance to continue with their criminal attitude or to commit some other crime. In this way the future crimes possibly committed by such people are prevented. Prison is also seen as revenge or retribution in some of the societies and people believe that when the offender suffer from the difficulties and harms during their prison, these difficulties are the reactions or repay to their acts that they commit to break the law or to harm any person. However the prisons are also supposed to give chance of rehabilitation to the criminals.