Criminal Investigation

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Criminal Investigation essay example

Criminal investigation is to conduct the detailed inquiry about the crime in order to find out the offender of the law for giving him due punishment through the legal procedure. The investigation of crime is very important responsibility of the law enforcement agencies and in the police departments there used to be a separate department established to look at the issues related with the crime investigation. The adequate investigation of crime prevents the accordance of further criminal activities because it results in the arrest and punishment of the criminals and discourages others to commit the unlawful acts in the society (Walker et al, 1996).

Usually, there are separate investigation bureaus established by most of the countries of the world that hire specialists to conduct the process of criminal investigation. In United States, UK and many other countries, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) works as a specialist branch of territorial police force that basically intends to work for the investigation of the crime, The people of this department usually dresses in plain clothes and are distinct from the uniformed and special branch police but they have been provided with special training and skill development capabilities to go deep inside the incidents and find out different reasons and people behind the occurrence of the particular crimes (Walker et al, 1996).

The criminal investigation is a sensitive and critically important process for the police and other law enforcement agencies because the successful commencement of the crime investigation works for bringing stability and peace in the society by discouraging further incidents of crime. The failure of crime investigation motivates the criminals and makes them fearless to commit different types of crime in the society without worrying about its consequences or punishment because weak crime investigation skills of the authorities could not stop the prevalence and occurrence of the criminal activities.