Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice System essay example

Crime touches the life of people in harmful manner and in the civilized society of today there are many prisons, police stations, forces, agencies, courthouses, and correctional centres built to deal with the criminal activities. The rise in criminal activities weakens the public confidence and destabilizes the governments and thus the governments always give priority to reduce the crime from the society however in doing so they also have to take care that their actions against the criminal may not violate the rights of any individual and all these efforts are collectively given the name of criminal justice (Walker et al, 1996).

The concept of criminal justice basically works to maintain the balance between crime prevention activities and safety of individual rights. The practice of criminal justice is done with the help of different entities like police, courts, law enforcement agencies and correctional agencies and management and administration of criminal justice is possible through the management, cooperation and coordination of these entities.

Criminal justice administration and management is an important point of concerns for the governments and experts all over the world. It is widely believe that better practice of criminal justice and better management and administration of criminal justice can work efficiently for reducing the crime trends in the society and for building up the confidence of the people on the system and government. The administration and management of criminal justice also works for maintaining the balance between the crime controlling measures and the individual rights (Foucault, 1975).