Criminal Procedure

Criminal law is a broad discipline, differing in practice across nations. Basically, every state has an established set of procedures to deal with crime. As a result of this diversity in criminal procedures, a scholar who is faced with the task of writing an essay on criminal procedure might be confused as to where to begin. Criminal procedure encompasses those processes that the criminal justice system of any country uses to investigate, prosecute and sentence criminal offenders. As such, criminal procedure involves parties such as law enforcers (the police officers), the prosecutors and jurists; and in some cases the officers concerned with corrections. With this background, when writing an essay on criminal procedure, it’s important for the student to first understand the key components of the systems that are responsible for enforcing justice. Depending on the length of the paper that the students are expected to write, it will be upon them to choose whether to address all the components or just a few. In as much as is possible, the student should try to be exhaustive when writing their essay on criminal procedure. This is important considering that the completed essay should be informative to everyone who reads it. Fundamental information which could be helpful when writing an essay on criminal procedure can easily be found in a criminal law essay, books, and journals; and readily from the internet. The criminal procedures of many countries are a very interesting topic to pursue, so it follows that once students have written an essay on criminal procedure, their interest in criminal law mounts. Subsequently, it becomes pleasurable for such a student to do criminal law essay.

Criminal Procedure essay example

The process of proving crime upon a person and announcing the due punishment for the offence through the legal system is known as the criminal procedure. It involves the policy, jurisdiction and courts that all work to decide the degree of offence committed by the suspect and the punishment for the crime as set by the law of the state. There are certain important issues that must be understood in order to study the criminal procedure (Israel, 2003).

The most important issue in the perspective of legal procedure is the assurance of basic rights. The criminal justice system has to assure the provision of basic rights to the crime suspects. It is very important that throughout the criminal procedure the involved people and authorities must respect the basic rights of the crime suspects. They could not regard a suspect as criminal until and unless it is proved in the court that the person has committed the crime for which he has been arrested. In addition, the basic rights must also be respected during the process of investigation and the suspects must not be pressurized to accept the crime by exercising violent and powers upon them.

The criminal procedure demands the provision of solid proofs to set out a person guilty of the crime. In the absence of proper evidences and proofs the criminal procedure could not work to decide that the person has committed the crime or not. The criminal procedure also includes the rights of the suspects to defend their position by hiring the services of the advocates. They are been given the chance to speak in the court for proving their innocence. These issues must be studied in detail to understand the criminal procedure (Israel, 2003).