Environmental health

Everyone would like to live in a healthy environment. This is because a healthy environment prevents the outbreak communicable diseases. Many people in society not fully informed about environmental health are nevertheless striving to ensure that they live in a clean environment. It is believed that a healthy society is a progressive society; a statement which totally true. This is because when a society is not suffering from diseases, its members will focus their efforts in other developmental issues. When a society comprises of sick individuals it means that no development will be achieved. This is because the few people who are not sick will focus their attention on the sick people, and the sick cannot pay attention to cleaning up the environment. In order to educate people on the importance of a healthy environment, an essay on environmental health and public health will be helpful. A public health essay written by health providers and experts in environmental health will inform people on how to live healthy lives. An essay on environmental health comprises of information on what society can do to ensure that the environment they live in is clean and healthy. An essay on environmental health contains information on some of the diseases and activities which lead to a sick society. A Public health essay contains relevant information on health in general, but an essay on environmental health is more detailed on environmental issues. In order to ensure that society and its members are healthy, public health practitioners are encouraging all the members of society to join hands to ensure that the environment is healthy and the people in it are healthy too.

Environmental health essay example

Environmental health refers to the practices around environmental planning to counteract sanitation problems, waste and refuse disposal as well management of epidemics or communicable diseases within a geographical zone. Until recently, environmental health had very little stake in public health since medical practices were mainly managed by professional doctors attending to the health needs in through the hospitals. The emergence of environmental health as a profession or as a code of practice has made it cheaper for institutions to determine possible epidemics before they create considerable strife. Environmental health thus entail many practices that measure and monitor operations regarding critical health issues and designing responses or strategies to mitigate public health disasters. This paper shall contextualize environmental health as a subject, it shall further explain in broad terms what the profession entail and give critical elements of the subject.

Through strict policy appraisal and rapid monitoring of the sewer systems, discharge of wastes as well as specific monitoring of given diseases, environmental health have seen the rapid improvements in the public health delivery efficiency, (Hilgencamp, 2010). Moreover, with improved patient information and data management through the ICT systems, environmental health informatics shall have a great effect in public health management as well as the general improvement in the livelihoods of many populations.

Environmental health practices entail, the analysis of pathogenic substances, the education of the populations on how to manage given ailments and the formulation of policies that best meet the demands of the present generations without compromising those of the future. Lastly, environmental health embraces the concepts of conservation and sustainability in the administration of public health and with regard to the impact of how various projects influence human actions and health.