Epidemiology in the news

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Epidemiology in the news essay example

Many new articles often paint a scary picture about death rates and statistics. This is often because the many news articles about death are either politically motivated or merely used as marketing drives for given pharmaceutical drugs. Epidemiology thus has very rarely been represented in the media in its altruistic form yet people die daily for various causes. Nonetheless, news of deaths do not form a very important agenda for readers when choosing whatever magazines or television stations to watch. News articles have the sole aim to drive profits by remaining attractive for buyers and therefore only business, political and social issues are of greater value before media houses. This paper shall treat epidemiology as a critically maligned topic in the media.

Throughout the world, societies often treat death as a sad topic that deserves very little attention. This is perhaps due to the reason that those who die, shall probably never return and so death is a bleak dead end. Nonetheless, those who die are leave behind to the living a lot of resources, wealth of knowledge and a family comprising children to perpetuate the lineages. New regarding their departure however is often bundled in scrambled corners of small fonts in news papers, (Coughlin, 2005). The news of the outbreak of the swine flu was not well received. Later critics have blamed it on certain sectarian interests within the pharmaceutical industries who wanted to sell the vaccines.

Even deaths at society levels are often not given populist approaches when being relayed. The need for respect for the dead added to the spiritual linkages societies have for the dead could be a major contributor to the restraints seen in the manner news about death is represented. Overall, death is a nasty phenomenon which all the living abhors yet none escapes.