Foster Care in America

An essay on “Foster Care in America” is a type of “Family and Consumer Science” essay that is very interesting to write. Many children are adopted and experience difficulties as well as joy in their new families. As interesting as it might be to write an essay on “Foster Care in America”, the essay will only turn out to be interesting if the essay writer organizes it properly. After beginning with a sentence to capture the mind of the reader, the writer should dedicate the next few sentences to introducing the thesis statement of the essay. The student has to make the thesis statement attractive because he or she is competing for marks with his classmates, and requires an essay that will not only capture the attention of the instructor at its beginning, but also keep the instructor focused on the contents of the rest of the essay. An attractive thesis statement will illustrate to the reader that the rest of the essay will be interesting, and is therefore worth reading. The student should select a thesis statement that illustrates a specific assertion, and conveys clearly the point that the student wants to make. For a short essay, the body of the essay on “Foster Care in America” should be made up of three paragraphs, each of which should be limited to a sole main idea that supports the thesis statement. The student should state the idea as the topic sentence of each body paragraph, and then back it up with approximately three or four sentences of examples and evidence. The essay should then be completed with a comprehensive concluding paragraph.

Foster Care in America essay example

Foster care is a form of adoption where by a child or children are cared for by other people rather than their natural parents. In most cases, foster care is encouraged by death of the parents, negligence, incarceration, poverty, drug abuse, and domestic violence. Some parents become too irresponsible or incapacitated by the above mentioned factors that they are stripped off their rights as parents. Though parents are expected to take good care of their children, the number of those children who end up in foster care in America due to parental negligence is rapidly increasing.

Due to the increase in the number of parents who lose their rights as parents, many institutions have been established to provide the parental care. There are many children homes that take care of these minors. Most of these institutions are managed by non –governmental organizations or individuals who dedicate their lives to charitable work. Foster care constitutes of about 80% of the care replacements. According to Balter (2000), foster care in the United States originated from the “placing out” system of the “New York Children’s Aids Society” established by Charles Loring Brace after colonization indenture system in 1850’s (Balter, 2000, p.246). During this time, the vulnerable children were forced to do manual work to be provided with food and shelter until they became adults.

The objective of the system was to bring to an end the increase of delinquency which affected the poor children in the urban areas. Today one to become a poster parent he or she should undergo an application process to become a legalized foster parent. Foster care has brought an emotional satisfaction as well as family attachments between the children and the guardians (Balter, 2000, p.246)