From the Baroque Period through the Romantic Age

An art and architecture essay on from the baroque period, through the romantic age, usually describes how social factors can alter the meaning and nature of art. An essay on from the Baroque Period through the Romantic Age usually describes how economic power and influence affected European art. Up to the baroque period art work was a detailed work and therefore expensive. The theme during this era was usually determined by choice of colors and other artistic requirements. Due to its fineness, art work in the baroque period was associated with the rich.
An essay on From the Baroque Period through the Romantic Age describes how initially the common man could not afford art work due to the great details that were usually included. In the writings of an art and architecture essay about the transition from the baroque era to the romantic age, one of the popular paintings used is the Isabella smile. Many essay writers usually consider the slight face smile of this artwork to have signified the shift of power in the art work. The Isabella painting was more of a transitional form of art work, because it did not represent a princess, nor did it represent a common man.
An essay on From the Baroque Period through the Romantic Age usually describes how power was shifted from the few rich to the many working class people who were commonly referred to as peasants. Most art and architecture essay on From the Baroque Period through the Romantic Age usually use the naked human body to show that both the rich and the poor are equal it is only the level of civilization that differs.

From the Baroque Period through the Romantic Age essay example

Music of Romantic Era

The Romantic era is known to be a complex and unique phenomenon in the history of the world culture. It was artistic, literary, intellectual, and musical movement that was started orientating in the late 18th century in Europe (Safrit). Revolution against the aristocracy, political and social orders, the age of Enlightenment that was prior – all that triggered the romanticism spreading. It was also the rage against the industrial revolution, as well as scientific nature reorganization. In other words, it was the aesthetic movement against the scientific pragmatism, reason, order and discipline, authority and tradition (Safrit). Music realm was not an exception.

Starting from the Baroque Period and throughout the whole Romantic era, social, moral, political and cultural reforms were manifested and found reflection in romantic music. Germany and England were known to be the leading countries with the ultimate development of Romanticism. Germany was of particular interest in relation to the romantic music. Radical changes took place in the realm of music in Germany.

Thus, any debates should be started from the he Baroque Period and creative work of Bach. Te most significant is the agreement that Bach is considered to be the greatest of all composers due to the fact that he managed to carry the baroque music to its culmination. Indeed, this composer managed to incorporate all music features that had gone prior him and anticipated a lot that was about to come being in such a way a prophetical musician. As Bach succeeded with baroque style, Mozart brought classicism in music to its ultimate progress.