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Genetics essay example

Genetics and genomics is a fundamental component of science applicable for all nursing practices since basically all conditions and diseases have a genetic or genomic base. Patients’ health care usually include information on genetics and genomics along the trails of screening diagnostics, prevention, prognostics, disease treatment and evaluation of treatment efficiencies (William et al. 2005). This paper therefore analyzes the responses given to a patient needs for care upon A patient’s initial visit, a case study example from (William et al, 2005). The responses were based on the application of genetics and genomics and their major implications on healthcare.
In order to obtain information for the initial visit of the patient, the following people were consulted. One of the people to be consulted was the doctor who performed the physical examination tests. Physical examination helps in determination of the mother’s weight and blood pressure. Heart, breast and lungs are also checked. This was to ascertain the physical conditions of the patient.
The genetic doctor or expert was also consulted. This was to obtain information regarding tests against sickle cell anemia, Tray Sachs disease, and thalassemia among others. Such tests usually depend on the patient’s ethnic background and his or her medical history (William et al, 2005). Test for cystic fibrosis can also be carried out by the genetic expert and such information is also vital.

Consultation of the neurologist was also done to obtain result of the tests against the Tay Sach disease. This was due to the fact that has been improvement in the testing procedures that has allowed precise diagnosis of the Tay Sach disease and other neurological disease by various neurologists. The clinician who performed the pelvic examinations was also consulted. This was to obtain the patient’s pelvic related information. Pelvic examination involves screening for cervical cancers, taking cultures for detection of sexually transmitted diseases among other procedures .Bimanual internal examination to determine the uterus and pelvis sizes is also carried out. It is also aimed at checking possible abnormalities of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the uterus.
Clinician who performed the screening blood test was further consulted to determine the blood type and the rhesus factor of the patient. The patient also received injections to prevent instances of bleeding during pregnancy and such information on medication or injection was considered useful.
A nursing teaching plan for the Trosacks’ initial visit was prepared. Patients teaching plan is important as the patient education is vital to enhance improved patients experience and livelihood (William et al, 2005). Education of the patient is an important responsibility of the nurse in the general patient care. The following is an outline of the teaching plan;

The clients were assessed as prepared and that they were in action stages of implementing the various diagnostic and treatment procedures.