Humanities are academic disciplines, which consist of different subjects. Humanities consist of subjects such as history, geography, social science, study of religion, philosophy and other subjects which are related to the discipline. From these subjects, the student chooses which subject he or she will study within the Humanities. Whenever a student is required to write an essay on humanities, he or she should be aware that it is necessary to write a humanities essay which is related to the subjects, in which he or she is engaged in. When writing an essay on humanities, a student should know the intention of the essay, which generally there to give knowledge to the reader. Whenever a student starts writing an essay on humanities, the first thing he or she should do is to make sure that the topic is well researched, and there is enough information which can be used to write the essay. This is because writing a humanities essay about a topic, on which you are not clear, will result in the essay being unclear as well. One should ensure that he or she is comfortable with the topic of the essay. Another thing a student should know when writing an essay on humanities, is the format style required by the lecturer. A successful humanities essay should begin with an introduction. This introduction should be followed by the body of the essay. This is where all the information concerning the details of the essay is given in full. The essay should end with a conclusion. It is by following such simple procedures that a student will end up with a successful essay on humanities.

Humanities essay example

Humanities if we can define can be given the meaning as the academic disciplines that are geared towards the study of the condition of human beings.  This basically involves analytical methods, critical methods or even speculative methods. The type of method to be used basically depends on the empirical approaches that the natural science distinguishes for use. Humanities studies include history, religion, arts i.e. visual arts and performing arts. Humanities can also be classified as social sciences and thus can also include linguistics, law anthropology among others.  (Geoffrey, 2006)

Humanities are not a recent area of study is as old as the human beings themselves. This is simply evidenced in the following paragraphs that follow. It started differently in different parts of the world according to the history that is recorded. According to history, in the west, it can be traced that the earliest study of humanities was realized in the ancient Greece where there was civilization first took place. This is largely believed so due to the education of the citizens at the early days. It is believed that during that there existed the concept of liberal arts which basically involved the logic, grammar and rhetoric alongside geometry, astronomy music and arithmetic. These are the subjects that formed the major parts of education at the medieval age. The major emphasis was on the humanities’ skills.

During renaissance that was around fiftheeenth century there was a major shift in those humanities were now considered as subjects and could now be studied. There was also a shift together with this from the so known as traditional fields into other areas like history and literature.