IT Project Management

Writing a project management paper is quite taxing. There is a lot of planning required if the writing will have to make some sense. IT is a technical field and thus writing a project in this field equally is technical. When writing an IT project management paper, one need to ensure that there is planning. Planning is very crucial for any project whether in the field of IT or anywhere else. Planning in this context will include coming up with a rough draft for the paper. The rough draft will constitute the main elements found in any project management paper. Generally, the main elements found in a project management paper and which will equally be found in an IT project management paper will include the title of the project to be examined, the initiation stage, the planning stage, the execution stage, and lastly a section showing how monitoring and controlling will take place. A good IT project management paper example will at least have a minimum of the above mentioned stages. How the above stages will be tackled will significantly be determined by the topic of the project management paper. It is worth noting that project management is a highly customized process dependent on the project. There is need for creativity when one is writing an IT project management paper. Creativity will make it possible for one to tackle challenges expected in the management of the project and consequently offer solutions to the challenges. One can also go through scholarly sources which examine the same topic being examined by the IT project management paper. A practical IT project management paper example will clearly bring out the circular relationship between the planning and design stage, the execution stage and the monitoring and controlling stage. These three stages are very vital for the success of an IT project.

IT Project Management essay example

Controlling, planning and monitoring of information technology projects form the basic aim of IT project management as a constituent discipline in project management. IT project management, therefore, strives to overcome challenge that face IT projects in order to deliver not only successful projects but also relevant ones that will offer real solutions to the clients. The failure in IT project management is seen here as the result of ignorance of the possible mistakes committed in project management and therefore, inability to achieve successful IT project management (Snedaker & Hoenig, 2005).

The failure of IT project management can be attributed to the common mistakes committed by the management or the implementation arms in the project. For example, when the manager sets unrealistic deadlines, the team working on the project may end up either not completing the project or delivering a low quality and rushed work that will fail. It is also common to see poor risk management in IT project management. This means that the manager ignores the risk and fails to address the risk by not even offering mitigations for such eventualities (Snedaker & Hoenig, 2005). There are many mistakes that go together with these, which have ended up making IT project management to fail in many projects.

Successful IT project managers acknowledge these mistakes but give some of the hints about their success. The use of IDE (Integrated Development Environment), source control, inter-stage automated testing of the project and management of defects is cited as important considerations for successful IT project management.

IT project management forms an important part of IT development and implementation. Its success begins with the acknowledgment of the obvious mistakes that can be readily committed before looking at the success strategies. The mistakes are pointers at the risks in IT project management that any manager should strive to understand and avoid during project execution.