Lives of Women in Ancient Greece and Rome

In the histories of ancient Greece and Rome, women are less often named than the men of the ancient Greece and Roman world. This is because the role of the women in the ancient Greece and Rome was limited, hence being rarely mentioned. The position of the women in the ancient Greece and Rome should also be included in an essay on “Lives of women in Ancient Greece and Rome”. The political information should elaborate on the kind of women who could become involved in politics. Their status and how they influenced the country politically. The essay on “Lives of women in Ancient Greece and Rome” should cover the relationship between the men and women of ancient Greece, and the role of each. This is important as it will help the readers of the essay to understand the kind of life the women of Greece and Rome lived. The involvement of the Greek women in socio economic activities should also be discussed in length. This is because the essay is about the lives of women in ancient Greece and it should touch on every aspect of their lives. In the essay on “Lives of women in Ancient Greece and Rome” issues to do with marriage should also be discussed, to show how marriage was viewed in Greece and Rome. Also their role as mothers needs to be understood by the reader. To be able to give such detailed information the reading of humanities essay papers will help. Humanities essay papers may not contain all information one may want, but they do offer a lot of help to students and other writers.

Lives of Women in Ancient Greece and Rome essay example

Women in the ancient world were accorded different treatment. This is seen from the examples that are found in Greece and in Rome.
Women in Rome were under the authority of their husbands. When they left home however young they could be, thee influence of the parents she had to do away with and enter the husbands authority. According to the Roman law, the status of the roman women was not that uplifted. It was also not easy for the amendments of the law to be effected since the law favored men who were fully in control but as time went by, there were changes that were come to be realized by the law and thus were.
In ancient Rome life was not easy for the women considering that there was no liberty and the rates of deaths were so high. It was generally considered difficult since the law was against them. However when they came to see liberty coming, they came and flocked to it and made it the order of the day. (Sue, 1999)
This was not the case in Greece especially Sparta where women had equal rights just like men only that they were barred from military. There existed very many influential women in Sparta. They were educated though this is not clear which curriculum they used since the Spartan curriculum was military based.
However, they really promoted the rate of immorality in the area since they did nothing as most of their men were in the military fighting for their protection. They could own land just like men and also possessed property just like the men.
The women in Greece generally were different from women from different parts of the world.