Managerial decision making

Writing an essay on managerial decision making is as challenging as it sounds, and this is because before one can write such an essay, one has to first of all understand the reason behind the individual having to write the essay on managerial decision making. When instructors ask students to write an essay on managerial decision making, in most cases they want students to utilize certain sources to find data, and to analyze the data that they have found and come up with a business essay about managerial decision making. The instructor also expects you to identify and act on literal works that cover the subject matter and deserve attention. After finding out the purpose for which the instructor has asked you to write an essay on managerial decision making, and finding the sources that are to be used to complete the managerial decision making essay, you are supposed to analyze these sources because at the time of writing of the managerial decision making essays, you would have to exhibit your understanding of the sources of information used. Just as it is with any other academic essay, it is very important that you organize yourself while in the process of writing the essay on managerial decision making. Most instructors recommend that students generate an outline that will help them organize their thoughts and the ideas that they have gathered concerning managerial decision making. Without proper organization, one is likely to end up with a business essay that has ideas and thoughts clashing with each other, and this can make a reader very confused as he reads the essay.

Managerial decision making essay

Managerial decision making plays a very important part in the factors that determine if an organization grows or not. When writing an essay on managerial decision making, decisiveness is the quality that is used to distinguish between very good managers and the very bad ones. A manager who is not good at making managerial decisions is not fit to be called a manager; instead, such an individual should be referred to as an administrator. One business essay stated that corporate investment managerial decision making often involves a significant amount of money, and wrong decisions have the potential of costing a company a major loss of funds. Moreover, some decisions can be very difficult to reverse; therefore these can affect a company’s operations far into the future. There are quite a number of theories explored in essay on managerial decision making touching decision making, one of which, the Vroom and Yettons’s normative model of decision making, effectively summarizes effects of managerial decision making. According to Vroom and Yetton, every process of managerial decision making is influenced by the two processes of acceptance and decision quality. However, in most cases, managerial decision making normally entails the three main stages of defining the problems and challenges facing the manager, gathering relevant data, enumerating lists that are before him and finally weighing all the alternatives before him, and then selecting the best from these alternatives that are before him. Otherwise, managerial decision making may just entail choosing between a “yes” and a “no” and in which case, the solution is very simple but in serious cases such a decision may entail several steps.