Marriage and Family

Marriage and family essay is a common essay in most of sociology classes in many higher institutions of learning. It addresses various issues that are faced by marriages and families in the society. As a result, some students have always raised concerns about the sensitivity of such essays. However, it is important to state that marriage and family essay can be very beneficial to students.

Apart from the fun of doing the marriage and family essay, it can expose the student to the significance of keeping the history of a family. Such an essay can help students realize that various benefits of knowing the relationship, financial, or medical histories history of one’s family. In addition, it can also help students understand the significance of the various principles that an individual may bring from his ancestral family to his marriage. Moreover, through such essays, the students can learn the origins of other’s behaviors and attitudes.

The significance of marriage and family essay to students can be understood further by consideration of the ‘hard times versus good times’ concept. When we are in a position to learn some of the obstacle that our past ancestors or families had to overcome or some of the skills that they had or applied in dealing with their worst moments in history and their best moments of joy, our attitude towards things can be changed. Consequently, our ability to deal with various situations can be boosted.

There are numerous benefits essays on marriage and family. Therefore, it is important to expose students to marriage and family essay, regardless of their opposition concerns of the topic. After all, there is no day that family issues will cease to be private and sensitive.

Marriage and Family essay example

Almost every young person looks forward to having a happy marriage and a family they can call their own. I say almost, because there are those who would rather not get married for fear that they may encounter the same problems and trauma they have experienced with their own families. With these few exceptions, let us talk more about those who are for marriage and family. As the family “is the basic building block of society’s institutions, it weaves the very fabric of cultural values” (McElroy, n.d.), it has to be stable so that the community as well, will be stable.

Having a family is one very serious matter to consider. Marriage is not something that is entered and will just be abandoned as soon as problems arise. Sure, in every married life, lots and lots of problems will come up. But with the couples’ love for each other and dedication towards having a healthy family life, all problems shall easily be hurdled. That is why, choosing the right partner for marriage is very important. Character, attitude, values, as well as religion have to be taken in consideration before marriage. When these contradict, problems will surely arise and the children will suffer in the future.

A happy marriage will result in happy and healthy children, with positive outlook and hence, better chances of a brighter future. When children are surrounded with love and warmth of a family, they will tend to perform well in school and will have good relationship with other people. On the other hand, those who are from troubled families, tend to be more negative and with less confidence. They are the one who would most likely have a failing marriage in the future.