Microsoft Excel

The Microsoft excel essay focuses its attention to one of the essential elements of the Microsoft office. It forms a useful tool for students and beginners who are leaning computers for the first time. The Microsoft excel essay teaches the learners of the basic computing knowledge. The essay introduces the learners to the simplest methods that help the students. And, it is from the simple knowledge the students grow to become experts in computing. Currently, the knowledge of the computers is not only required in the field of information and technology but other disciplines. Every professional is required currently to have some knowledge of the computers. Having this knowledge helps in realizing efficiency in work. Also, the data presented in an excel spreadsheet look presentable. For example, it is hard to do mathematical calculations manually. The efficiency in the arithmetical calculations can be realized when it is done using the excel spreadsheet.

It is not hard to access the Microsoft excel essay since it can be obtained in the internet at a small fee or even for free. It can also available in hardcopy in small booklets. The information in the Microsoft excel essay is compressed and is written using simple grammar to make it possible for the beginners to comprehend. Besides English, it is also written in other languages. Therefore, such accessibility has made many users learn to use the excel spreadsheets. Other concepts that the learner may not understand would require him or her to engage the services of an instructor for the course. The course is easy and should not take the learner a lot or time.

Microsoft Excel essay example

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft Corporation. There are different versions of Microsoft excel with the latest being Microsoft excel 2010 which is bundled with Microsoft office 2010. Earlier Microsoft excel programs include; Excel 2.0, Excel 2000, and Excel 2007. All these represent a gradual development and improvement of the program’s features (DeMarco &  Jim, 2008).

Microsoft excel contains basic features of which all the spreadsheet programs have. It has worksheets which are a grid of cells. The grid of cells is arranged in rows and columns with the rows being referred to with numbers and rows with alphabetical letters. This system allows a single worksheet to accommodate a great amount of data both vertically and horizontally.  Microsoft Excel allows the user to enter functions or formulas in cells which the user wants to obtain his or her outcome(John, 2007). Alternatively it also has formula toolbar where the user can select from a wide variety of both mathematical and statistical formulas. This program as a result enables both mathematical and statistical manipulations of data to suite the user’s needs.

In case the user runs into a problem concerning a formula or any other Excel operation this software is well equipped with a help button on the main window. Alternatively the user can press F1 which is the shortcut key for help. This has facilitated beginner users with an easy way to know basic Excel operation. Just like other spreadsheet programs excel also supports the use of tables, illustrations and, charts. Plus all these have sub toolbars which have other tools. This provides the user with a vast array of tools to choose from for him or her to get the intended results. Microsoft Excel is therefore a suitable spreadsheet program for use at home, office or school.