My Personal Code of Ethics

For many students, writing an essay on “My Personal Code of Ethics” is obviously a very challenging “Family and Consumer Science” essay to write. Many people do not find it easy to write an essay about their own persons, especially if it is an academic essay that forms a proportion of their overall grade. When writing an essay on “My Personal Code of Ethics”, the student needs to organize his or her effort, and for this, he or she requires an outline. The outline is basically an outline of the “Family and Consumer Science” essay you intend to write. When writing an outline, the student could utilize one-line sentences to illustrate the paragraphs and bullet points to describe the contents of each paragraph. The outline will also help the student to map out the structure of the main points of the essay, and to make sure that every one of the essay’s paragraphs is unified. The outline will also enable the student to identify the sentences that make up the topic sentences of each paragraph, and the transitional sentences. The main aim of all these considerations, while planning for the essay on “My personal Code of Ethics”, is to ensure that one writes an essay that flows, and is therefore enjoyable to read. Given that the student is seeking to obtain high marks by writing the essay on “My personal Code of Ethics”, it is important to write the essay in a manner that the reader, the student’s professor, can enjoy reading, so that the professor will be inclined to allocate high marks to the essay.

My Personal Code of Ethics essay example

A personal code of ethics is very important in every one’s life. It always ensures that an individual acquires good manners that would help him/her to relate well with other people. it also ensures that scarce resources are properly utilized to meet people’s needs. Although personal codes of ethics play a crucial role in our lives, many people do not understand why they are important and how an individual can develop a good personal code of ethics.

A personal code of ethics helps a person to have good morals and values that are important in a person’s life. According to Azari (2003), a personal code of ethics is “ethical decisions and discussing their values as they relate to society as a whole” (p.226). A code of ethics is a set of philosophical ideas that gives life a meaning. These ideas give a person confidence needed in doing his or her work. One can write a code of ethics as a diary to remind him/her of his/her believes. The code of ethics may also act as an encouragement to an individual in carrying out his/her day to day work. One can develop a personal code of ethics by reviewing his/her life profile regarding who they believe they are. It is always advisable to ask yourself what others could say about you. After reflections of the person you think to be, one needs to write down the traits that other people have said about you. Comments from people who are close to an individual say a lot about that person because these people they know the individual better (Azari, 2003, p.226).

While designing my personal Code of Ethics, I always ensure that I list down the personal ethics that I believe to posses. I also think about the environment in which I live, and this environment includes my work place, rest places, and my home among others. I also try to think about the things that I don’t like and where an adjustment needs to be done in order to effect meaningful changes in my life.