Network Security

A network security research paper emphasizes on the importance of setting up a system that has security policies and properly enforced methods. Besides, the network security research paper addresses the available security options within the system, which facilitates the maintenance of the configuration and control of the entire network platform. Advisably, before a system user begins operating his or her computer security methods and policies should be well established and properly enforced. The main server in the system should be well maintained and kept at a location that is not accessible to everyone. Other security facilities that are necessary in the system can as well include firewalls.

The network security research paper puts the system security as one of the major topics, which has rapidly moved into the public spotlight over the recent past. Security threats in the minds of every organization today are hackers, viruses, piracy, and data theft. According to the network security research paper, the topic on security is a broad one, that requires a lot of resources to be put in place for its study and management, and this is an area that has caused a lot of concern to many desktop administrators. Therefore, sound security policies should be established and implemented in this area of concern.

In sum, the area of networking, according to the network security research paper, consists of security policies that the system administrator adopts in order to monitor and prevent misuse, unauthorized access and modification of the networked computers and the resources in the entire network. In an ideal network platform, the network security encompasses activities that the network administrators control, which include the authority to access data in the system network.

Network Security essay example

Network security is an important part of the networking field. It refers to the provision and policies that are usually adopted by the network administrators with the purpose of preventing and monitoring the unauthorised and unwanted access as well as the misuse and undesired modification and denial of the computer network and the resources associated with the network (Charlie et al, 2002). It implies that the network security refers to the authorization of access to the data within the network system. With the help of network security the network administrators succeed to maintain their authority and command over the entire network. They become able to control the flow of information within the network system (Simmonds et al, 2004)

The main concept associated with the network security is the authentication. The network security assures that only the authenticate information will flow within the network because any person not related with the network is not allowed to insert or take away any portion of information from the system or the network and thus only the administrator has the command to decide what information would remain present in the network. Another important concept is the security of data that is the most important and integral purpose of the network security (Charlie et al, 2002).

The security of the network is managed through the system of network security. The administrator has the authority to decide that who will access to the components of the networks and what level of access would be allowed to different users. In this way, the changes within the network would also be properly managed and any unexpected change within the system could not take place without the permission of the network administrator (Simmonds et al, 2004).