I love reading especially scholarly materials on Greek history. One of the most interesting articles that I have read on geek history was an essay on Oceanus. Greeks were among the many ancient communities that were polytheists. They believed in many gods and attributed every occurrence to the acts of these gods. According to that Essay on Oceanus, Oceanus was also called Okeanos and it was a primeval deity or what can be referred to as titan god. This primeval deity, according to the essay on Oceanus, was in full control of astronomy. It was believed that Oceanus lived in the fresh waters of the earth and it was from this dwelling that it exercised its powers over all heavenly bodies. According to the essay, the sun, the moon, and the stars were manipulated by Oceanus who was believed to be at liberty to prevent them from rising or even setting whenever the god wanted. Such a case has never been reported to occur. The Essay on Oceanus went further to explain the family of Oceanus. According to the Essay on Oceanus, Tethys was a female Protogenos who was married to Oceanus. The Greeks used the analogy of human families and this fact indicates how much the Greeks valued the family institution. It is just like saying that if Oceanus who is the god with the power to control everything on earth has a family, every person must have a family that consists of husband, wife and children. The essay went further to name the children of Oceanus who included Potamoi and Okeanides. Oceanus had a brother who was reported to be totally different from him in that he was less violent since he did not engage in castrating Ouranos unlike Titanes who was the brother of Oceanus.

Essay on Oceanus


The term “Oceanus” is a Greek terminology which denotes from a mythology which posits that this was the world ocean. The ancient Greeks and Romans supposed that “Oceanus” was a huge river encompassing the world. This was viewed to be ocean stream which commenced from the equator floating the land fit for human habitation. Oceanus therefore was also represented by form of a god to the medieval Greeks and Romans likewise. This paper is going to analyze and discuss Oceanus.

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Hellenic cosmography posits that Oceanus is a myth. This is basically observed in Achilles’ shield another mystical god of the Greek; here the equatorial streams run through encompassing the shield which represents the world.

The Greek mythology however, depicts that the world ocean can also be personified as Titan, one of the son of Uranus and Gaia. Although in Roman and Hellenistic mosaic, the representation of Titan is usually displayed through myriad forms but the most common is a muscular male with horns and beards (taking the form of crab) and the lower body having a serpent formation. Thus this god was assumed to be also a fish and a serpent which possessed the gift of bounty and prophecy (Kerenyi, 1999).

Scholars posit that Oceanus in the medieval time represented all salt water bodies like the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and other two Medieval Greek salt water bodies. However, latest revelation denotes that Oceanus is the unknown Atlantic Ocean waters also known as Ocean Sea.


Therefore, Oceanus then would be said to be a Medieval Greek mythical god ruler of the salt water bodies with the gift of bounty and prophecy to its subject. One of the sons of Uranus and in the battle of Olympians did not take the sides of their fellow Titans but withdrew from this conflict.