Operating System

Every component of a computer is important in its operation, and this calls for the analysis of the research paper on operating system so as to have thorough understanding about the concept of computing. The central processing unit forms the central component of a computer, and it is very essential in the functioning of the entire system. According to the research paper on operating system, it can be compared to the heart of a human being, without which all the other organs of the body cannot function. Ideally, the computer has both the software and the hardware components. The software parts of the machine include the operating systems while the hardware encompasses the physical units of the computer. The physical components, also known as the hardware, include but not limited to the keyboard, mouse, and monitor among others.

The research paper on operating system analyzes the software components of the computer. For example, include the computer programs that help in running the machine. The programs include the computer operating software, Microsoft office and others. The windows Microsoft office programs include the access, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft office outlook among others. The Microsoft word enables the computer user to type word and edit. According to the research paper on operating system, the Microsoft word has come in various versions and has undergone modification over the years, the latest being the MS word 2011. The MS word, for example, has more features than the previous versions that makes it user friendly. Such modification has enabled efficiency and speed to be realized. In addition, the research paper on operating system puts it that the modern versions of the software are easily available to the computers since the versions can be obtained online using several search engines.

Operating System essay example

An operating system is the driving force behind a computer. It can be likened to a petroleum product which enables a motor vehicle to move and without a computer cannot function as a computer.
An operating system has undergone major structural and graphical changes since its deception in the early 80’s. Early basic operating systems were very hard to operate for example Microsoft’s disk operating system (Ms Dos). One had to learn about commands and memorize what each one of them does for you to operate a computer system (Auslander et al, 1981).

Today there are more advanced operating systems which are very interactive and easier to use for example Microsoft’s Windows 7. Windows 7 also has advanced graphical features and has a user interphase which is friendlier to the user. An operating system’s capacity to handle complex software and operate on more advanced hardware has in addition greatly increased. Technology has as well enabled deception of 64bit operating systems which have grater computing abilities. Manufacturers are also striving to eliminate bugs and various difficulties that an operating system has n order to enable the user to be more comfortable while using it (Bic, 2003). It is right to say that nowadays an operating system is usually designed to please the user. Some operating system manufacturers are also including certain customizations which are known to suite different users and the user can customize the operating system to his or her liking.

An operating system should in addition have all the resources to enable the user to use different application softwares, this gives the user the power of choice instead of being limited to a certain manufacturer’s software. Lastly the user should consider all aspects and shortcomings of an operating system before purchasing it.