P.E.R.I. Problem Identification & Culture and Cooperation for Global Health

Global health is one of the critical issues as a result of both political as well as demographic undertones which play in the global arena. The agenda of P.E.R. initiative has had many challenges. An essay on P.E.R.I. Problem Identification & Culture and Cooperation for Global Health tries to address some of these challenges and also to give solutions to many of the challenges. Although global health seems to be a dream an essay on P.E.R.I. Problem Identification & Culture and Cooperation for Global Health highlights measures taken to deal with the challenges and problems facing global health. Culture disparity is one of the challenges addressed in the essay on P.E.R.I. Problem Identification & Culture and Cooperation for Global Health and the essay shows how culture disparities are not a barrier in global health achievement, because there are mechanisms as well as technologies that can overcome such disparities. An essay on P.E.R.I. educates people to be aware of emergencies as well as how to respond to mechanisms that may limit causality numbers. The public health essay shows how the world can achieve global health by ensuring political and cultural cooperation. In the past, lack of cooperation has separated the world as far as global health is concerned. A public health essay on P.E.R.I., should always be well written, informative, and should not have any grammatical errors or any confusing statements. It needs to show the importance of having a disaster, as well as a health record database, which will contribute to the improvement of epidemic awareness, and how governments can budget for such epidemic globally.

P.E.R.I. Problem Identification & Culture and Cooperation for Global Health essay example

Global health has been a critical issue due to the political and demographic undertones playing out in the international arena. P.E.R.I. initiative has a novel agenda but which has found the greatest challenges. Cooperation for global health thus remains a pipe dream despite very rife technical accolade. The problem has been aggravated by the fact that there is great disparity in wealth and ideologies as well as technology between the nations of the world. This paper shall highlight possible mechanisms of addressing the challenges to attain global Health as a millennium development goal.

Disparities in culture are not hindrance to trade and interaction on the international arena. Despite the various technical challenges and technological differences, there are viable mechanisms of overcoming such challenges. One sure process is through educating the public about the need to be aware of emergency and response mechanisms that limit the number and nature of casualties. P.E.R.I initiative could also conduct publicity through lobbying at international forums to raise awareness within policy and business quarters of the need for civilians to beware of emergency practices and for governments to make budgetary considerations on the same, (Brundtland, 2005).

P.E.R.I initiative approaches need to be updated to the social media platform to achieve the heightened authenticity that is requisite in a rapid way. Moreover, having a real time database for disaster and health records could greatly improve awareness and enhance technical responses in the event of dangers or epidemics.

Lastly, the greatest good for global health shall be rapidly attained if the political divisions that separate the world are destroyed. The fundamental religious inclinations and negative ethnicity ought to be all disbanded in the same spirit. These are extreme measures yet the timing is already behind schedule for improving livelihoods of the people of the world desperate measures notwithstanding.