Police Corruption

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Police Corruption essay example

The term police corruption is used to mark the misconduct and wrong acts of the police meant to attain any financial benefits, any personal gains or to achieve some undue career advancements by following the improper method. The demand and acceptance of bribe is one of the major sign of police corruption whereas the undue exercise of power and authorities upon the suspects of crime and other people also indicate the prevalence of corruption among the police. There are many facets of police corruption like racial discrimination, over representation in crimes, bribes, unfair exercise of powers etc. (Sanja, 2005).

The fairness of criminal justice system of any society is usually judged on the bases of the evidences that indicate the presence of disparities and discrimination within the system. Disparities and discriminations are two important terms that are frequently used in the context of criminal justice system and have appeared to be great points of concerns. These terms are often confused and mingled with each other however; experts reveal that disparities and discrimination are two different but interlinked elements that play important role in determining the impartiality and credibility of a criminal justice system.

The biased attitude of police is also an example of police corruption. The biased attitude of the police also affects the bail conceding, jury selection, conviction and sentencing. Studies show that there used to be more cases prosecuted against blacks and Hispanics in United States and in most of the cases, the white defenders are granted plea bargain more frequently as compared with the non-white defenders. These examples illustrate the existence of discrimination within the criminal justice system on the basis of race and ethnicity and also affirm the existence of corruption with the police (Sanja, 2005).