Project Management

An essay on project management should talk about project management as an integrative process, or a discipline that centrally focuses on resource management within a certain plan of action. Just like organizational management, project management must comply with the four elements of management; planning, organizing, coordinating and evaluating. An essay on Project management talks about the subject being driven by the project manager, who oversees the inputs and the outputs of a project cycle. Securing and procuring resources is the first process in project management planning. The project manager ensures that the procurement process is done amicably, correctly, and in a transparent manner, and ensures that there is accountability for the finances.
Project management is short-lived, and that means that time management is a necessary component in the implementation of the project. There are challenges to project management, and these hinder the smooth running of the project cycle, and at times may cause the project to cease. Financial constraints and miss-appropriation of resources are the core challenges that are highlighted by a good management essay. Most of the projects that deal with service provision to the public are funded by the government, or donors, as shown by any sound management essay. In the case of profit making organizations most of the projects are usually funded by investors. Both groups lack adequate time to monitor and evaluate the spending on the project. It is quite obvious that the financial parameters control resource allocation. Project management should be done wisely and in a decisive manner so that the project adds value or bring change to the norm.

Project Management essay

Project management is the directive of planning, coordinating and managing resources with a specific goal in mind. The goal being completion and implementation of a project, which can be described as an undertaking with peculiar goals to add value to the business.

Project management is characterized by the drive to achieve the set out goals at the same time as overcome the foreseen and predetermined constraints.

Project management is easily achieved by five processes that have been adapted and mildly modified with time but its core values remain the same. These five processes illustrate how one can and should divide their project into smaller manageable portions that can be monitored and assessed individually as well as reviewed and revised if the final product is deemed faulty.

Initiation: In this process, one establishes the scope and nature of the project. It is a very important portion as the rest builds up upon the findings of this process. It may involve analyses of the business necessities, finances, and assessment of current systems.

Planning: Here the scope is divided into individual deliverable parts and a work breakdown structure is established. Estimates for costs, times and requirements are made in this process. The design of the system is done here.

Production: This is the actual development of the project. If it is a software project this is the coding. There is a well coordinated approach to the achievement of the goals set out in this process. The outputs of this process are the deliverables which are merged to give a prototype of the project waiting testing and approval.

Monitoring: This is where control tests are performed. The project is assessed in terms of actual accomplishments versus the set out targets. The variables are assessed and

Closing: Activities are finalized here, the project is presented and contracts if any are closed here. User guides are issued and training is performed for the new system.

Project management differs from management in such that project management is short lived and aims at achieving specific objectives. This makes it very intense as there is no room for mess ups or to build up relations.