Public Health

Public health is the process of promoting health at the social or community level through the government. The government is working towards building a healthy nation, which is free from diseases. As we all know a sick community will not develop itself; and that is why information on health is important. An essay on public health is a paper which will cover issues to do with the health of the public in general. To be in a position to write an essay on public health, a student should have read a public health essay, and know what should be included in such essays. An essay on public health should include information concerning the health of society as well as the impact of the environment. In a public health essay a student must be in a position to explain clearly how public health issues in society should be tackled, and the way to prevent any forms of infection. An essay on public health must also include information on how individuals in society should dispose of their waste, in order to prevent any infections which might be caused by poor hygiene. The information given should be very clear and direct. Public health essays must be written by health practitioners, and that should be pointed out in the essay. This will help the reader to understand who is responsible to provide the public health information. An essay on public health must also include information on how people can adopt healthy lifestyles. This is done through the provision of clear information, which enables people to make their own decisions on the choices that impact their health.

Public Health essay example

According to Turnock, (2009), public health can be described as the science and the art of preventing diseases, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of the society. Public health’s main concern is the welfare of the society’s population not individuals. The population may range from a small group of people to the whole society. Its concern is the social well being of a society concerning the peoples’ physical and mental health. It helps in disease prevention and treatment as well as treatment of injuries and mental disorders. Public health creates awareness of health behaviors that can be used to prevent and reduce the chances of infections. The health behaviors include: hand wash after visiting the toilets, before eating and after doing your chores which prevents disease infections. Breast feeding is also a health practice by mothers to their infants which prevents diseases infections on babies. It should be done up to the first six months after birth. Eating a balanced diet is also a health behavior as it reduces the risks and diseases associated with bad eating habits. Diseases like Kwashiorkor, marasmus among others. can be prevented by eating healthy diet. Vaccinations especially to babies helps in disease prevention and also helps in reducing the spread of infectious diseases e.g. measles, chicken pox, cholera among others. Public health provides free condoms as they help in prevention of sexually transmitted diseases like STDS and HIV/AIDS (Turnock, 2009).

Public health is run by a team of professionals who are specialized in multidisciplinary health fields including. Physicians, nutritionists, community health workers, Dentists, veterinaries and the like there are also engineers in public health, lawyers, sociologists among others.