Reading comprehension

Students who study linguistics are required to learn so many things. This includes Reading Comprehension essays and answering questions about these essays. They are supposed to understand the essays very well failure to which they cannot answer the questions correctly. Some people think that the task of Reading Comprehension essays is very easy but this is not true. Some essays contain technical terminologies that require readers to understand before they can comprehend what the essay is all about. For one to understand these essays, it is very important for them to develop a culture of Reading Comprehension essays because such a move would help in improve their reading skills. People should not think that Reading Comprehension essays is for students only. It is very advisable for people to read widely and acquire adequate knowledge on areas where they possess limited knowledge. It is actually better for people to practice language and speech by Reading Comprehension essay. This is because one is able to determine his/her lever of masterly of the language and as a result, the person understands the areas where more practice must be involved. Some students fail their language exams because of their inability to read and understand these essays before attempting to answer any questions. Teachers should pay special attention to those students who may have such difficulties by trying to come up with remedies that would help them out. The parents should also join hands with their children’s’ teachers to find a solution to such problems. It is the duty of the parent to ensure that the progress of their children is well monitored. In most cases, students who do not perform well in school have a problem in comprehending academic essays.

Reading comprehension essay example

Reading comprehension is referred to as the level of comprehension/understanding of writings (Orasanu, 1986). A student’s ability to read proficiently is dependent on their ability to identify words effortlessly and quickly. If a student is having a hard time recognizing words in a passage, they may end up focusing on individual words, thus interfering with their abilities to understand what they are reading.

Several educators believe that at student needs to learn how to analyze texts (comprehend them) before they embark on reading these texts by themselves, and instructions regarding comprehension usually start in kindergarten. At the moment, there aren’t any defined comprehensive strategies, but the general plan includes making a summary of what has been read, going through the reading to ensure that the text still makes sense, and then analyzing its structure. There are programs put in place which teach students to monitor whether they comprehend what they are reading, and to fix any comprehension problems that they may have.

One of the strategies that have been cited for reading comprehensions is the SQ3R technique. This technique involves surveying, questioning, and reading, reciting and reviewing the text (Oraaanu, 1986). In order to understand the text, a student should survey chapters involved. This involves quickly perusing titles, headings as well as subheadings. The next step is involves beginning to read. Here a student looks out for key words in the text. After reading, the next step is for the student to recite what they’ve read aloud. When students orally summarize, they are unconsciously cementing what they read into their memories. Finally, a student reviews that they have read for a second time. While reviewing they should write key facts down and review them, in order to comprehend the information better.