Relational Databases

One of the numerous technological essays that a student may be asked to write is the Relational Databases research paper. By definition, a database is among the vital components that have enabled the growth of technologies utilized on the internet. When one glances at the information stored access databases, or presented on websites, one is basically staring at some form of functionality from an application’s database that is responsible for not only arranging that information but transferring it as well. A Relational Databases research paper will most likely begin by defining a relational database as one that stores information in tables and illustrates to the user the relationship between these tables. The definition of the relationship between these tables is dependent on one or more keys that the shared tables have in common. The database’s tables are made up of tuples or rows each of which has a similar number of components to the others. Each of the components possesses defined type of data, integer or string character that is utilized to characterize the value of data that is stored in each one of the components. Just like the other research papers exploring technology, a relational databases research paper can also cover numerous other sub-topics including generally explaining what relational databases are and what they are used for. Yet a different type of a relational Database research paper is one that maps the difference between Owl ontology and relational Databases. This type of a Relational Database research paper can show this difference by illustration how databases can be utilized to identify a bridging mechanism between Owl ontology and relational Database.

Relational Databases essay example

Relational databases are datasets in a database used to match data in an incoming file using the common features of the dataset in order to organize the data into a clear and easy-to-understand format (Harrington, 2002). These are important components within a system especially where reporting is needed because it organizes the data to be reported into a more understood form to the user. As use computers gather momentum globally, there are more databases being created to store information gathered. This has laid pressure on database management systems in a way that is currently causing frequent crushing of systems and increased loss of data. Understanding relations is very important when selecting the relational database as a tool for managing the database.

Relations are generally the tuples in the dataset representing a specific object in the dataset. In modeling relations, it is understood that a relation is not an ordered form and therefore, they do not exert order on the associated attributes in the dataset. This therefore makes it possible for systems using this database management system to use a query system in which queries can be specified to effect a specific action by combining the relations. Other than this, relations provide for more management commands for modification such as the insert command, update and delete. From the modifications made, new tuples are formed so that explicit values can be obtained from subsequent queries in the database (Harrington, 2002).

Before one chooses relational databases for database management, there is need to carefully to give unique identification of the tuple in the relation given the possible combinations likely to be used in queries and data modification.