Research Methods in Public Health

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Research Methods in Public Health essay example

Research methods in public heath entail such pathogenic investigations normally carried out in the laboratory. However, many public health concerns demand varied approaches to analyzing or finding the best intervention practices. Public heath involve various practices that are related to the analysis of how certain pathogens are circulated in an ecosystem, the processes of pathogenic communication, public practices that lead to exposure and administrative functions that deploy or institute response mechanisms in the event of an attack. This paper shall deal an expository measure to the variety and disparity between the methods employed in public health practices.

Pathogenic studies form the core of Public health research. Beside medical research, pathogen studies are critical to their control and management within given geographical regions. Cholera and other communicable diseases have the potential to clear whole populations due to the raid spread and incidences where sanitation is poorly managed. Moreover, other disease causing agents as radiation can only be studied through scientific and systematic research. On the contrary, the other critical aspect of public health entails the study of behavioral dispositions of the populations in questions that could have the power to exacerbate the spread or exposure to pathogenic attack. On that basis, therefore, public health research have to address the nutritional, hygiene and health seeking behavior of the people to understand how medical services can be availed to reach the greatest numbers, (Brundtland, 2005). In doing such studies, interviews and observation of patients or the study of patient histories can give important clues to the nature of the diseases.

Scientific methods however take a prominent position in public health since the all the relevant knowledge for public health practices are scientific in nature. Public health however has a political dimension since the means of allocating funds and policy formulation in public health are done politically. On this basis, some studies in public health may be more humanistic than scientific.