Rubella is a viral mild disease that attacks both adults and children. Despite this being one of the few viral diseases classified as causing mild infection it can be serious and harmful if it affects a particular group of individuals therefore it requires awareness. Writing an essay on rubella awareness is not a simple task, usually because it requires the medicine essay writer to have good acquaintance of the medical condition.
An essay on rubella can be used to describe the medical significance of rubella which is a viral disease. Rubella’s other common name is German measles. When writing an essay on rubella one should describe its symptoms and signs, its diagnosis and its pathogenesis. Despite rubella being a childhood disease an essay on rubella should not restrict its information to children infections only.
A medicine essay on rubella should also target expectant mothers or those planning to get pregnant. Rubella though it is a mild illness has been associated with a number of pregnancy complications. If a pregnant mother is infected with rubella there are chances of transplacental transmission. Some of the consequences that an essay on rubella should highlight about rubella and pregnant mothers are that transplacental transmissions can cause a spontaneous abortion or result in the birth of a child with congenital rubella syndrome. Some of the symptoms of this medical condition, which can be described in the essay, include a wide range of incurable serious illnesses of the child. A medicine essay on rubella should describe how the air borne disease is transmitted. The essay should also describe how one can control the transmission of the disease.

Rubella essay example

The society around the world especially in poor countries is always susceptible to contagious diseases like Rubella. Contagious diseases are highly infectious diseases that can be easily passed from one infected person to another. There are always high cases of victims claimed whenever there is an outbreak of an infectious disease but rubella is not that dangerous.
Rubella which also referred to as German measles is a highly infectious disease caused by rubella virus. The disease was named so after it was discovered and described by German doctors in the eighteenth century. The disease is characterized by mild rash on the victim’s skin. The victim may also experience some mild headache, runny nose and some fever. (Coonrod and Jack 2008)
The disease cannot be treated since it is a viral infection. Patients though can take medication to relief them off headaches or bring down fever. Since it is usually a mild infection, the body develops a natural immunity just like with measles after this infection.  Prevention though as the old adage goes is better than cure. Rubella can be prevented by administering the rubella vaccine to children. They thus grow up with immunity against this disease. As they grow up though, the immunity may go down depending on the individual though it is in very rare cases where one can be infected for a second time.(Weisberg, 2007)
Rubella though mild can be dangerous to a pregnant woman. An infected woman may miscarry or give birth to a child with deformities. Women are thus highly advised to ensure that they have immunity to the disease before getting pregnant. It is not advisable to give the rubella vaccine to a pregnant woman though there have not been reported any serious complications after doing so. All in all, everyone should see to it that their young ones are immunized to prevent it.