Social Stratification

Social stratification refers to imposed inequity in riches, authority and status among groups of individuals inside a particular social system for example classes, ethnic groups and kinds. This social stratification essay argues that for one to qualify to be in a particular social stratification system he/she must exhibit the characteristics of that group or must be willing to adapt to certain fundamentals shared by the said group.

Social stratification essay argues that differences occurs everywhere depending on the classes that exist in a society this is due to the status that are never equal between social groups of individuals, ranging from social, economic, cultural or even religious diversities. These together contribute to individual forming of classes and groups that one is comfortable being associated to. However it is worth noting that inequalities brought about by personal traits as a result of skills or other attributes like being charismatic, creative and intelligent do not merit social stratification because they do not define membership in a given category.

According to this social stratification essay, stratification can be based on institutionalized inequalities that all human culture demonstrate for example age, this is because at one particular point in time people will be found belonging to a particular age bracket thus forming a social class which can easily be stratified. It is also evident that all human have gender inequalities that is male or female, therefore by this all individuals are stratified.

Social stratification essay can classify individuals by socioeconomic set; this is brought about by differences restricted to nations, this is because different nations have different political organizations, population patterns and occupational specialization which can accurately be used in stratification. Today states are included into socially stratified societies for example Indians, Borneo, Afrikaans and so on.

Social Stratification essay example


The social structure in a given community is stratified in a manner that gives an impression of difference classes of people (Kate, 2000). Indeed, the society cannot be equal in terms of welfare and economic power. Therefore, it means that different groups of people emerge to fill the social gap that may be created due to similarity. The essay is a discussion of the social stratification of a community.


Certainly, each social structure in a society has a role to play. In fact, the societal responsibility of every stratum is distinct in certain areas as opposed to other places, where roles and responsibilities are increasingly amalgamated. Some of the social structures include; the poor, the servants, the masters, the women, and the children among others (Kate, 2000). These groups of people have different functions in their areas. In some places, there are laws to govern the different structures of the community.

The norms within a particular structure are almost similar, but are different from one structure to the other. For example, there are laws governing the women, children and even the servants in a community. Concerning the roles, in some societies, the women have a distinct role in taking care of the families and doing most of the domestic chores. This is different from the duties that other social structures perform.