Special Education

The writers of special education essays should include students who aspire to become professional in dealing with the disabled in the society. The students should acquire a wide exposure on matters of special education by reading many special education essays. This will help them to improve their knowledge and skills in writing research papers that will help them in unearthing the problems that the special education programs face. After reading a special education essay, I learned that the disadvantaged people who have disabilities need special care, attention as well as education. Schools with this kind of students should be able to provide the students with extra educational services that will assist the physically challenged students to carry out their day to day duties without many difficulties. The teachers should have different approach while teaching the students. I also learned from the special education essay that those students with special needs should be integrated well in the schools and the society to make them feel loved and part of the society thus minimizing the stigma associated with disabilities and being able to excel academically like the normal students. Special education professionals do ensure that they work towards improving the quality of life of the disabled children and adults by providing them with serviced and materials that will enable them enjoy life like any other human being. Children undergoing special education go to special rehabilitation centers were they can get all the attention and care they need from trained personnel. In the rehabilitation centers the students development is stimulated thus enhancing the potentials and capabilities of the disabled students. In special education the teachers should always be able to handle the behavior disorders that some of the disabled students have.

Essay on special education


Education is said to be the key of life which harnesses every person with skills and knowledge. Here every person is the main element whether disabled, maimed or impaired through injury or deformity at birth or disabled. Special education caters for the persons that are physically or mentally impaired and equips them with edification. This paper is going to address special education and how the tutor’s and authority should address this program to empower them with skills and knowledge.

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Special education usually offers children with physical or mental impairment with a chance to better their lives, through acquiring of knowledge which when put into practice may offer a source of livelihood. However, even with the authority keenly on implementing act that recognizes the need and right for impaired children access to education. There lacks proper facilities to provide this needed necessity to this lot. Also amiss is the man power to provide for this education. Special education schools are few and ill equipped with low turnover qualified of teachers for this task. Children with special needs usually require a lot of attention thus a lot o man power is essential in these faculties. The budgetary allocation for the programs which empowers parents to also participate in their children learning process is usually low. The funds cannot sustain the high number of children with special needs that attend special schools.

Wilmshurst and Brue (2010) notes the quality of special education has been from time memorial being questioned. This is because the tutors should be well blended and fastened with psychological training which will enable her/him to cope and understand the need of their students. The teachers lack effective teaching techniques rendering low grades to special education students. The authority lack proper mechanism and qualitative methods to facilitate special educational methods and funds to boost this initiative.


With good budgetary allocation and authority acknowledging that the number of special education student is doubling every day. This will enable proper fund allocation which will eliminate the hurdles faced financially by these institutions. These finances would also facilitate training to the tutor to equip them with ample knowledge on how to cope with special need students. Also employment of new staff would also improve the delivery of special education.