Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is a subject that is discussed often, and one that many students are asked to write a “Family and Consumer Science” essay about. The issue has received so much publicity that students are often asked to write an essay on “Teen Pregnancy” in university. As teenage pregnancy is popular topic for essays, acquiring data for the essay is not a difficult assignment; in fact, the assignment begins when one has gathered all the required information to utilize in writing the essay on “Teen Pregnancy”. After one has gathered all the information, the student should then develop a thesis statement that will summarize the whole process into a single sentence that should guide the rest of the essay writing procedure. After drafting the outline, the writer should arrange the arguments and claims that will support the thesis statement. The student should make every effort to support the essay thesis with as much credible information as possible. A student should not just make a simple statement while writing the essay but instead, should put in extra effort to explain how the particular conclusion was arrived at. The essay writer should also never assume that the reader knows what he is talking about in the essay on “Teen Pregnancy”. Therefore, the writer must supply a cryptic explanation of why the subject is important, and why this teen pregnancy issue is a social problem, using where possible statistics. When in doubt, the student should make an attempt at explaining the thesis. As the student writes this essay, he should keep in mind that every essay should be properly organized.

Teen Pregnancy essay example

Unwanted pregnancies are as a result of unsafe sex amongst the youth. It is also contributed by rape of young teenage girls. Teenage pregnancy can be associated with low education levels, high poverty rates, and drug abuse among other social issues. The pregnancies risk the lives of these young girls as well as their unborn babies. According to Baker (2007), whether the teen is married or not by the time she becomes pregnant, the pregnancy remains a “social and public health problem that needs to be tackled” (p.43).

Majority of these teenager girls know nothing about parental care. Some do not even attend prenatal care therefore increasing the risks of pregnancy complication and delivery. Some have premature births, miscarriages and even abortions which put them in great health danger. Many girls are not married when they become pregnant. They therefore bear the burden of parenthood alone ending up living in pathetic conditions. Teenage pregnancy is socially stigmatized as these girls are considered immoral. Some parents even chase away the pregnant girls as they are said to bring shame to the families. The girls continue to suffer with many having nowhere to call home and many end up in the streets as street families or prostitutes.

The education of majority teenage girls abruptly comes to an end soon after they conceive. Their future plans are therefore doomed. Pregnant teens need to eat a balanced diet to support their growing bodies and that of the unborn child. Many cannot afford to eat well therefore their healthy and that of the baby are highly affected. There is need to educate young girls on the methods that can be used to prevent pregnancy when they are young.