The Great Pyramid of Giza

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The Great Pyramid of Giza essay example

This great pyramid has got two other names which are alternatively used to refer to it. This pyramid is also known as the pyramid of Khufu and can also be referred to as the pyramid of Cheops.The pyramid of Giza is unique in its own capacity. The outside view of this pillar can prove this.
In Giza Necropolis there are three very large and old pyramids but amongst them the pyramid of Giza is the largest and the largest. It is the oldest of the wonders of the World and the only one which still remains intact.According to Egyptologists, this pyramid was built as one of the tombs in the fourth dynasty for the pharaoh whom the two names i.e. Khufu and Cheops takes after. For over 3800 years, this pyramid was the tallest building in the world and was approximately four hundred and eighty one feet high. (John, 2007).
The outer surface was initially covered by small stones which came out to form a smooth covering. So generally from the outside view, this pyramid is smooth and looks nice.
This pyramid has sent scientist into confusion concerning the techniques that could have probably been used. This has made the scientists to come out with varying and alternative theories concerning the construction of this pyramid. However the most accepted hypothesis is that which is based on the possibility that it could have been built from the continuous movements of big stones from quarries, dragging and at the same time lifting them to fit in place.
The pyramid is made up of three chambers namely the lowest chamber, the queen’s chamber and the king’s chamber which is above the lowest chamber in this great pyramid. The lowest chamber is generally cut into the bedrock which is unfinished up to date.
Another thing on this pyramid is that it is the only pyramid that contains both ascending and descending passages unlike other pyramids that ever existed.