Travel Medicine

The world is currently recording high numbers of international travelers. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this such as globalization and international trade. There is a great need to educate people on how to manage their health while travelling. Writing essay on travel medicine is one way through which one can educate society about it.
If writing a medical essay on travel medicine there are a number of things your essay will be expected to address. An essay on travel medicine ought to be written in such a manner that any one wish to travel can understand its usefulness. The essay on travel medicine should start with explaining why travel medicine knowledge is important, especially for people planning to travel. An essay on travel medicine should describe the various factors that facilitate diseases spreading or increase the risk of contracting a disease while travelling.
This type of medicine essay should describe the preventive measures that you should take before travelling. An essay on travel medicine should educate the audience on the importance of being vaccinated, taking preventative medicines for diseases such as malaria and even undergoing pre-travel health care counseling. In order to emphasize the importance of travel medicine knowledge, the writer of an essay on travel medicine should consider including statistical data about the mortality and morbidity of travelers. Other disciplines that an essay on travel medicine can cover include epidemiology, where the writer educates the reader about the epidemiology of a given region, common infectious diseases in a given region, and high altitude or tropical medicine to advise the reader on medicines to take prior to travelling.

Travel Medicine essay example

The world has become a global place. The availability of modes of transport that enable people to travel across the border and in a quick and faster manner has led to the world engaging in activities that force them to be in different places within short periods of time. This has led to people who are not well being forced to travel to places that they may be needed in urgency. Due to this, they are forced to carry with them medicine which will help them along the way and make them conduct their duties in the most normal manner. This paper will discuss travel medicine and the various advantages associated with it.

Travel medicine involves the branch of medicine that caters for the prevention and management of people travelling internationally. Most ailments have been discovered to happen in the course of travel. Some people get the shock out of flying in a plane. This has led to travel agencies coming up with methods that ensure that their passengers are well catered for when it comes to their health. Diseases like malaria are supposed to be checked, as it could be easy for them to be spread. This the particular reason that methods such as counseling are being practiced to ensure that those who could pose the risks of possessing them seek help before they commit themselves to travel. According to (2011), someone headed for a development country should see a physician. Travel medicine can be divided into various sections. These sections include prevention that includes travel advice and vaccination, assistance, which means medical treatment and repatriation, wilderness medicine, which includes high attitude medicine, cruise ship medicine, and expedition medicine. They can also be classified as access to health care that is normally provided by travel insurance companies.

Travel medicine should nevertheless be embraced as it not only caters for people who are in travel but also gives these individuals the security and comfort of knowing that they are being catered for.