UC application (Transfer)

UC application (transfer) letters are written by students in community colleges who seek to be enrolled in the UC. Of the total population of students admitted at the UC, the greatest percentage is composed of students from community colleges in California. Such students write applications for their transfer, and when their UC application (transfer) letters are given positive consideration, they are admitted in the junior stage. Writing a UC application (transfer) letter is not difficult, as basically all that a student needs to do is to meet the core requirements for admission to the UC. Just like in all application letters, an applicant must first read and understand the requirements so that he or she can draft an application that matches the stipulated requirements. Essentially, a UC application (transfer) demands that a student possesses good academic grades in English, Mathematics and Humanities as well as Sciences. Therefore, when writing a UC application (transfer), the student must quote the grade that he or she scored in each of these subjects. Quoting alone is not enough; all application letters must be supported with evidence that the applicant actually possesses the qualifications he or she claims to have. Academic transcripts must be attached to the UC application (transfer). It is also important to note that application letters for UC admission have different requirements based on your place of residence. For example, a Californian resident who is applying for such a transfer needs to possess a 2.4 GPA minimum. For non-residents, the GPA is higher: 2.8. This is a crucial point to note when applying for a transfer. The application should also be done using correct grammar and formatted accordingly.

UC application (Transfer) essay example

I am a very energetic and young person willing to invest in my education. I have been seeking for a university in which to advance my education. With my undergraduate degree, I realize that I need to go further to a four-year university to take my education to the next level. After seeking vehemently for a place to lay my plan, I settled for the University of California because of its versatile and erudite faculty as well as the diverse body of students.

I believe that the University of California is the best when it comes to delivering an excellent curriculum, (Arnold, 2006). With its handpicked faculty, members and its dedication to modernity added to its rich history of decades of academic Excellency, I believe it is the right place to be. With an admission in the university, I will not only be able to move to take my education ahead but will also be able to meet a diverse range of scholars from around the world. This is a big opportunity for me because I have a big interest in international business.

I also believe that my admission to the university, apart from giving me an opportunity to advance myself academically and intellectually, is also an opportunity for me to contribute positively to the academic disciplines. My desire is to contribute positively in the field of international business and business. My academic dream is a long one and I believe my talent and gift will be a worthy addition to the student pool. It is therefore with great hope and anticipation that I hope the company will consider my application and give me a positive confirmation.


Arnold, H. (2006). Univerities of the world, a catalogue. New York: Penguin Books.