Many people who write a criminal law essay seek to explain facts that define the relationship between offender and the victim. It has been noted that most of the violent crime victims’ suffering is planned and executed by a person who is close to the victim. An essay on victimology studies all the details of the crime as well. This helps in determining the causes of the criminal behavior. Incest, for instance, has been cited as an atrocity in which a close relative abuses a member of the family, by forceful rape or sexual harassment. An essay on victimology should therefore have both physical as well as biological details. Such details include gender, age, and how the offender is related to the victim. The majority of people who commit such crimes are acquaintances. The consequences of the crime are normally included in a criminal law essay. Data on habitual predators is discussed, to show trends on specific crimes that can be identified as the most rampant. In order to prepare a good essay on victimology, the writer is expected to use databases that give reports on crime rates. People who use these essays are however cautioned against any form of generalization that may affect other peoples in a negative way. It is very wrong to categorize certain people as criminals simply because a several people with similar physical and biological indicate that they originate from that group. For instances, racism and tribalism have been outlawed in many countries after people disregarded the popular myths that associate such people with a specific crime. Victimology is therefore the best method for studying offender-victim behavior.

Victimology essay example

The term Victimology is an area of advanced and scientific studies that is related with the victimization. It involves the study of investigating the relationship type and level between the offenders and the victims of the particular crimes. It also works to create linkage between the criminal justice system and the victim so that the victim would become able to raise his voice against the offence occurred to him and to secure justice from the authorities. Victimology links the police, courts, correction officials with the victims of the crimes and other social groups and institutions like media, different social organizations and movements and business entities etc. (Sebba, 1996)

Victimology could also be viewed from the perspective of human rights because it also talks about the rights of the victims of the crime however; it is also a fact that this term mainly has roots inside the disciplines of criminal justice and criminology. This study identifies and talks about the people that are threatened and harmed by either criminal individuals or organizations. Victimology works to raise the voice for the rights of the victims by identifying the lass and damage caused to him as a result of the crime committed with him (Miethe, 1995).

The police and court have an important responsibility to address the issues raised by the Victimology studies because in this way they could do the justice with the criminals and would be able to assure the citizens that the state and the justice system is working adequately to assure the safety and protection of people and their assets against the unlawful act of different offender people and entities.