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An essay on Wall Street Journal is among the many types of business essay that you may be required to do at one time or another during your career as a student. As a business student, the Wall Street Journal, which is among the leading business and financial news organizations based in the city of New York, is among the journals that you will be interested in reading. You may also be interested in contributing to the content published in the Journal, and this is why it is important to know how you will address your letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal. While still a student, an essay on wall street journal provides one with the opportunity to practice writing a letter or business essay that will attract the attention of the publisher, and possibly, get published in one of the editions of the Wall Street Journal. After you finish writing your essay on Wall Street Journal, ensure that you edit it and correct any grammatical or punctuation mistakes that it may have. Writing in a clear concise manner will boost the chances of your business essay being published, and will enable anyone, even one who is not an expert in business matters, to understand the contents of your essay. As most publications prefer to publish letters that explore current issues, or letters that respond to recently written articles if you write to the Wall Street Journal you can write a letter that explores just about any topic of choice, and it could be published. The Journal does not specify its preferred mode of receiving letters written to its editor.

Wall Street Journal essay example

In response to Bernanke’s “quantitative easing” plan is a letter to the Wall Street Journal. This letter to the Wall Street Journal would like to make it known that the quantitative easing plan should be discontinued, and if not, then it should be reconsidered. Given the inflation forces, planned asset purchases and risk currency basement, this letter to the Wall Street Journal states that there is only a remote chance that the qualitative easing plan will ever meet the Federal Reserve objectives of boosting employment numbers. This Wall Street Journal letter points out that the Federal Reserve does not have the capacity to resolve all the problems facing the economy on its own. This essay on Wall Street Journal would also like to state that it is the improvements in tax, regulatory and spending policies that have to take precedence in a program for national growth, and not a push for further monetary stimulus. This essay on Wall Street Journal disagrees with the view that inflation needs to be increased. In the same breath it is concerned that one more round of asset purchases, with interest rates that are close to being zero more than one year into the recovery period and this is because such a move will disorganize all financial markets in a move that will complicate any future efforts by the Federal Reserve to normalize monetary policy. Moreover, this business essay likes to point out that the Federal Reserve’s purchase program has encountered a lot of opposing forces from other central banks and this letter to the Wall Street Journal also shares this view.