Western Culture

Several scholars of sociology have written various essays about the western culture. The essay on western culture mainly concerns the developed countries such as the United States of America and Europe. Arguably, the western culture is perceived by various scholars as superior to that of the underdeveloped nations of the world.

When one speaks of culture, the focus is largely on language, eating habits, modes of dressing and ways of life. For instance, many writers have dwelled on essay on western culture, concerning ways of life and style. In the United States, for example, their mode of dressing is quite different from that of India. Culturally, the Americans find it fit to put on and walk in public places in their underpants, a culture that is considered to be a taboo in India.

Another aspect of the essay on western culture is own language that is widely spoken. Taking the United Kingdom, as an example, English is the most widely spoken language. When a child is born, he/she is first introduced to English as the first language. This forms part of the child’s social interaction since every communication takes part in English language, which is officially recognized in the country. English is used in schools, markets, hospitals, and other public places. Therefore, without the proper knowledge of English, it would be hard for one to socialize with one another. However, later on the child may learn other languages such as German, French and others.

Moreover, the essay on western culture is of absolute importance since they give knowledge to the other members of the society. This knowledge is essentially since it would help in eliminating the adverse effects of culture shock. When someone is introduced to a culture that one is not familiar with, it would not be easy to interact and socialize freely in such a social environment, especially on the Western culture. And, to avoid this, it would be of sound benefit when an individual studies essay on western culture.

Western culture essay example


The Western cultural practice is considered a civilization of the modern society and the economic status of the people. Indeed, there is a total blindness to the reality that different regions have different cultural attachments. Actually, some of the Western cultural practices are considered prime, while those of other regions are overlooked (Bruce, 2002). Therefore, it implies that regions are classified based on their ways of life. The essay shows an implication of cultural aspects of the Western Nations.


Culture, whether western or indigenous should be perceived as a very important characteristic of a community. In essence, the western culture is merely a requisite to all people residing in the western world (Bruce, 2002). For example, a practice such as baby shower is mostly practiced in the United State. The prevalence of such a practice might be called the western civilization.

In addition, the cultural connection among the western nation gives an identity only to the western people and not the rest of the world. Indeed, western culture is a societal matter that only affects the living conditions of the people in the region. The western civilization has really colonized other parts of the world, meaning that most people are emulating the western culture.


To sum, the western culture is the way of life for the people in the western world and it differs from the cultural practices of other communities. Surely, what the western people consider civilization, such as the mode of dressing may be considered a cultural disaster in other regions. Generally, those who do not value the traditional norms are seen as outsiders and do not merit to live in the community. Others would call them brainwashed.