What Does Your Style Say About You?

Many people wonder why companies or institutions require applications for employment, or admission, to be accompanied by application letters. The argument is that academic testimonials and a copy of a person’s resume should be enough proof that a person qualifies for a job, or a course. This is true, but application letters give important details that are not captured by academic credentials or curriculum vitae. A lot of people think that the resume is what depicts a person’s identity, but in fact the application letter is what does that. This partly explains why people fail to secure the jobs they had applied for, even though their academic qualifications were excellent. Employers today are fully aware that paper writing services have helped disorganized people project themselves as very organized persons. This is the major reason why many employers ask for a hand-written application letter. With this realization, it is important to ask this question: “What does your style say about you?” Despite letter-writing, having been taught in schools, many people still cannot write a good application letter. Formatting an official letter is one thing that most applicants find difficult, but thankfully there are several formats to choose from. The key point to keep in mind is: “What does your style say about you?” Some letter-writing styles are considered to be outdated. Writing a letter using such a style would give the impression of a person who does not keep up with advancements, and might even cost you the job. Therefore, you will need to stay informed about the new developments in letter-writing styles that are currently used.

What Does Your Style Say About You?

Thesis Statement: The importance of one’s style.


One’s style provides an open window to the inner hidden personalities and attributes. The outward expression of a person can creates a big and detailed picture about him or her. It is therefore important that one lays a great effort to mind one’s styles. One’s style range from the way you interact with other people, outward looks of an individual expressed in clothes and make up.

What Style Communicates About an Individual

From ones dressing, it is easy to draw some rough judgment, about an unknown or even a known person. Moving to ones shoes or even hair style, it eliminates some options fully. Further details from the way one communicates, not only gives an insight to an individuals attributes but illuminates the personality (Cohen & Bradford, 2005).

The individual’s style can express one’s culture, likes and even interests. For example an individual associated with Emo culture have distinguishable hair style and certain clothes that discriminate them from their peers. Some individuals however have elicited prejudice due to lack of paying particular attention to their looks.

Following these judgments that others draw from us based on our looks and make ups, it is very imperative that we pay very particular attention to our outward looks to create the desirable expression. It is pretty good to know how to put on for different occasions as well as talk in different forums.