What experiences have led you to select your professional field and objective?

Choosing what career to pursue is not a simple task. Career guidance is one topic that is offered in many high schools across the world. In fact, the preparation of young people for career selection begins in primary school, but as students advance academically, this activity is intensified. Much of career guidance seems to be biased toward academic qualifications being the only factor in selecting a particular professional field. Although career guidance is provided, the choice people make to enter into professional fields has more to do with life experiences. It is undeniable that personal experiences have a lot to do with shaping what people become in future. A valid question therefore is: “what experiences have led you to select your professional field and objective?” Few people give thought to the worth of this question when writing their resumes and personal statements, which are indispensable attachments to application letters. Students ought to note that it would be awkward to include the answer to this question blatantly in these documents. However, in essence, this question should be the guiding factor when you are developing your career objectives, as well as the personal summary. For example, witnessing a sad occurrence, where a critically ill patient died in the hands of an apparently unfeeling and negligent nurse, could lead one to choose to become a doctor. Such a person’s professional objective would be to respect and protect life. It’s easy to discern from application letters whether personal experiences drove a person to select a certain field. A professional writer can help you organize your personal experiences to your best advantage.

What experiences have led you to select your professional field and objective?

Having been involved in the management of the family business for a long time, I came to realize that the way businesspersons manage their business could be very instrumental in deciding the fate of the business. I realized that knowledge and understanding of various business principles have big effects on the chances of a business success. One thing I realized was the fact that such things as the exchange rate can have grate effects on the business, even if the business is a small local business. Not only have that, the rate of exchange of international currencies can have dire effects on the whole economy of a country. As a result, I got interested in international finance and tried to discover how to use this knowledge to hedge the financial security of a business at all times. With deeper research, I realized that there is a whole world of study behind international finance and therefore decided that international business will be my focus as I pursue my business studies (O’Reilly, 2007).

The other experience that contributed to my being interested in this field the realization I got when managing the family business that not lack of application of business management approaches to business can lead to the failure of the business. I realized that even to a small local business, one would need to apply international business principles in order to remain competent and survive in the competitive environment. This realization led me to think of pursuing this course not only for the sake of the small family business but also for the numerous local businesses that would benefit from a professional businessperson willing to help. My desire therefore is to use the knowledge I will get to help as many businesses as possible to thrive.


O’Reilly, H. (2007). Understanding your Academic Goals. Humberg: Gold Fish.